LIFE TRIBUTE – Bonifacio Ochoa-Navarro

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Bonifacio Ochoa-Navarro


Bonifacio is survived by his wife Francis, three daughters, five sons, 21 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. He was a loving father, a husband and a friend to everyone.

Bonifacio leaves a great legacy for all his descendants. He migrated to the U.S. looking for a better life for his family. He persevered through unsurmountable odds by relentless hard work. He worked as a body shop owner for 30 years, but was forced to give up the career he loved due to his health. He dressed to impress, and loved going out to eat at fancy restaurants with his family. He loved traveling to visit his siblings. He also enjoyed movies and his family fiestas. He loved to listen to music, sports, especially soccer which he played in his younger years. We will always carry your memory in our hearts. Rest in peace.

A special thank you to Del Rio Hospital for their loving care and support during his final days. God bless everyone there.

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