LIFE TRIBUTE – Miguel P. Corral

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Miguel P. Corral


Every person who has ever crossed paths with Dr. Miguel Conal will say he was an incredible man. Miguel saved and touched many people’s lies. He was a selfless image, a father to four and a great husband. He loved all and was a hero to most.

My cousin Mike, the son of my Mom's brother, was so special to me. I remember ages 5-9, spending my vacations visiting him in Fort Worth. He was a great musician, playing with his band at his graduation party. He was such a star athlete, I recall his numerous trophies on top of the shelves in his home. He was also speaker at his graduation ceremony as president of his graduating class. Even though his family moved to Los Angeles in the early 70s, Mike and I managed to spend time together every time I went out there. He always found something “super fun” to do with me in my teens. Whether it was playing tennis at the U.C.L.A. campus, riding on his Honda 350 out in the desert, or taking me Hollywood sight-seeing in his Toyota, he made sure I was having a memorable time. During the 80s in my 20s Mike didn’t stop. In-between all his doctor duties, we saw Evander Holyfield box at the ’84 Olympics at the Forum. I'll miss you Mike but the great memories and strong family love remain forever!

My hero, role model, protector, and now my guardian angel. Daddy, thank you for the unconditional love. Remember when I was born and you said the delivering doctor said all I needed was your mustache and we would be twins? From the day you shared that story with me I knew that I had stolen your heart. You were and will always be my number one fan. Thanks for taking me to work and allowing me be your assistant at the age of 7 when you would see patients. Thanks for all the pep talks during my teenage years. Thanks for teaching me your hook shot. Thank you for always making such a big deal of all my accomplishments growing up. Thank you for the countless father-daughter dates. Thank you for the exciting boating and water skiing adventures. Thank you for the vacations to Jamaica, Italy, and Tahiti. Daddy you were more than just a father, you were my best friend. You were the love of my life. I am so proud to call you my father and I want the world to know this!! Love you!