LIFE TRIBUTE – Randy Roy Miles

Randy Roy Miles


Such a shame for as young as Randy was to have suffered for so long being sick. Yet he remained always a nice guy, never complained, always laughed. And he barely ever left the house.

When Randy attended Downy High School, he lived in an apartment with his grandfather, a drinking man. Randy loved sports, and was really good at football and track. He planned on playing professionally until an injury to his knee ruined his chance of doing so. Even though Randy came from a large family, he was never close to any of his siblings. His mom was absent in his life, and Randy was placed in foster care for many years. He went to live with his dad who wasn’t the best role model for him, but he did learn how to work on airplanes which helped him land a job at McDonald Aircraft years later.

One morning while he was at work, I got a call that Randy slipped and fell from the top of the plane. At that time he thought he had only sprained his ankle, but a year later, he had surgery on his back and neck to repair what that fall did to him. Douglas fired him, we sued, but that left him without a job. Many years he struggled to find a good job, returning back to school, to earn a diploma in robotics engineering. He never could find a job in that field. From there his body became sick, and he had one illness after another.

Setting aside our differences, Randy and I remained friends, and spent the holidays together. I still made sure he had what he needed. Forgiveness and the kids were more important. Randy was a simple man, a good dad and a good friend. I think we all can agree on that.

He will be missed. Nelson’s heart broke the day his dad died, because he wasn‘t just his dad, he was his best friend. Nelson says this, “I know my dad is in Heaven, and that I can still talk to him. He is always going to be my dad, and my best friend. He lives in my heart.”

Hudson our grandson father Jesse said to me, “Hudson won’t remember his grandpa. I said as long as his uncle Nelson is alive, he will know his grandpa. Kacee will make sure of that.”

Rest in peace, Randy. One day we will all see each other again.

Tuesday, Kacee, Nelson, Hudson, Jesse, Mr. Dee, Dennis, Lori, Kim, Mike, Virgina, Roger, Gab, Robert, Vicky, Debbie, Pat, Chris, Glen, Annie, Eddie, Carrie, Vera, Cindy, Shannon, Kelly, Tony, Eric, Kim, Jr., Margret, Stacy, Mr. Lee, and 100 more...

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