LIFE TRIBUTE – Vicky Linn Munsey

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Vicky Linn Munsey


Vicky is survived by her sister Sharon Brown of Long Beach, California, another sister Debi Albright of Dix, Illinois, her nephews Alexx Brewer of Farmer City, Illinois, Shaun Heltzel of Dix, Illinois and Shane Federmeyer of Long Beach, California. She was very devoted to her family.

She lived a life full of medical issues and worked hard to overcome them. At 30 years old, in a freak accident, she broke her hip. It never did heal correctly, but still she lived independently and you could often see her walking through the streets of Long Beach with the aid of her walker.

In 2011 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and in spite of all of the surgeries and chemotherapy, she succumbed to complications due to pneumonia and kidney failure.

She was a devoted sister and aunt. She will be missed.

Her memorial is to be held in Dix, Illinois on April 16, 2016.

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