LIFE TRIBUTE – Dale Allen Shipman

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Dale Allen Shipman


Dale Allen Shipman passed away at home after a fight with amyloidosis on June 27, 2020. Born in Wausau, Wisconsin, Dale and his family moved to Long Beach when he was ten years old, with his parents William and Beverly and two brothers, Dwayne and Daryl. He had fond childhood memories of going to the Old Pike and Cherry Beach with his friends.

Dale and Donna were married in 1980 and remained in Long Beach. Raising their daughter Renee, some of Dale’s proudest moments were watching her graduate from high school and college. In 2006, Dale walked Renee down the aisle when she married her husband, Chris. Years later, he added grandpa to his roles with the addition of his beautiful granddaughter Isabella. Dale's family was the center of his world, and he loved each of them immensely.

Dale worked in the Petroleum Industry for over forty years, starting out working shutdowns in the Southern California refineries. During his career, Dale was frequently tasked with new opportunities and was recognized for his professionalism and safety records. He became the personnel manager for Total Western, retiring in 2019.

Music was a mainstay in Dale’s life, playing with friends on the weekend and creating a garage band, The Lost Roadies, which played at local bars and parties throughout his 30s and 40s. Sports was another passion for Dale, and any time there was a football game, his attention was on the screen. A Green Bay Packers fan, Dale would look forward to every game, and if they made it to the Super Bowl, he was so focused; it was almost like he was playing on the field. A highlight was going to see the Packers play the Chargers in San Diego with his son-in-law, Chris. Even though it rained most of the time, it was the best day of the season.

Dale also loved riding his Harley motorcycle, and he traveled across the Southwest on trips with Donna and friends. Being on the open road was a special place for Dale, and while California was always home, some of his favorite road trips were to Tombstone, Sedona, New Mexico, and of course, Laughlin. Dale loved visiting Laughlin, gambling, celebrating Super Bowls, and watching his favorite bands perform at The Edgewater.

Dale was a loyal and generous friend who will be greatly missed. He was a loving husband and father to his wife Donna Marie Shipman and daughter Renee Marie Shipman. He is survived by his son-in-law Christopher Herrick and granddaughter Isabella, his sister-in-law Kimiko Shipman and her children, Brian and Sara Shipman, and sister-in-law Darleen Shipman. A memorial will be planned in the future when we can celebrate his life together.

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