DebbieYou’re an amazing person. You walked me through every step. I can’t thank you enough.
MichelleThank you for your unwavering dedication, thoughtfulness and care that will always be held close to my heart. You all did an amazing job with my grandmother and her son. I send to you my gratitude and love for all you have done for me.
BrianMcKenzie Mortuary was there when we needed them! They made the entire process easy. The price they gave us was the price we received—no trying to upsell us. Upfront and honest! Very caring, and kind people at McKenzie. Ken and Bridget were very nice to work with! Honestly, when the time comes, the phone call will again be to McKenzie Mortuary.
SusanMcKenzie Mortuary’s staff and services were 5 star!! Everyone is kind and helpful. They made a difficult time and process better than I expected. They took care of my brother in 2018 and my dad in 2023. I appreciate all the guidance and assistance in helping with loved ones lost.
DavidElizabeth and Bridget were AMAZING! They were so caring and helped us through the difficult decisions that one is forced to make quickly. They did so with such concern and care and also made the choices and costs very clear and transparent. They offered our family the options that allowed us to stay within our budget and didn’t apply any hard sell techniques. When it came to payment, they gave us many options and even offered to deliver documents to us if more convenient. All in all it was a great experience working with Elizabeth and Bridget at McKenzie Mortuary Services!
IngridMcKenzie Mortuary came through for our family when our beautiful mother passed away last September. This was our first time planning a service and from the very first call we made, our hearts were put at ease because they truly care and take care of all the details. We could tell that Ken and his staff take their jobs seriously and go out of their way to make sure questions are addressed and more importantly they took their time with us. We never felt rushed. Thank you Ken for everything. We will never forget how comforted you made us feel.
MarcI used McKenzie Mortuary’s services twice, once recently and also once 25 years ago. I have found them to be very professional, empathetic, and good listeners. I never had the feeling that anything was being pushed on me that I didn’t want. I had made some “prior arrangements,” and that all worked out as promised, again with very high levels of professionalism, courtesy, and sensitivity. Marco was very helpful to me, courteous and efficient. If I needed to, I would definitely utilize McKenzie’s services again. Highly recommend.
DanielleYou can tell McKenzie Mortuary Services is run with love and sympathy for its clients. Ken made me feel I was the most important client and I would see him treating other families the exact same way. It takes a beautiful human to be successful in a industry like this. Troy and the staff really supported us and guided us throughout the day while we were at the church, and burial site. No matter if we were off McKenzie’s property they made sure my family felt supported and confident through our grandmother’s services.
Ivy-JoanThe McKenzie Mortuary staff were all caring and helpful when my father passed away last year. Today would have been my father’s 97th birthday. McKenzie Mortuary staff met the timeline for his funeral abroad. They exceeded my expectations.
RenadaMy loss was unexpected and I had no clue how to make arrangements. I called and made an appointment and the care and concern to meet my needs were incredible. I am from Long Beach and having a mortuary nearby that’s affordable and professional was so valuable.
BrianIn April, 2023 my brother unexpectedly passed away. He had no family and we live in Oregon. I made several calls and researched the internet for mortuaries in Long Beach. A Los Angeles probate attorney provided three mortuaries with whom they had a good experiences. Fortunately, McKenzie Mortuary Services was one of the referrals and only about a mile from my brother’s home. We were very lucky. McKenzie Mortuary Services walked us through the process by phone and made an appointment for us to meet with them at our earliest convenience. The staff was polite, courteous and extremely professional, making the experience as painless as possible. The staff has continued to reach out and make sure that all our needs had been met and offered.
MikeI really want to thank everyone over at Mckenzie for everything. Dealing with someone’s passing can be very difficult, and as it turns out, very costly. Not only are the prices at McKenzie very reasonable, but in addition, they treat people with compassion in a time of need! Everyone I dealt with was amazing, but I want to give a special thanks to Bridget who was INCREDIBLE from start to beyond finish. Thank you, McKenzie!
SamiBeautiful, out at sea!
VictoriaKind, compassionate, and understanding. Ken gave us exactly what my brother would have wanted. They are the best!

I wanted to thank you for your patience, kindness and compassion throughout this process. You made the planning easy for me; you were made for this business. I could tell you had a kind heart from the moment I met you. Thank you again!.
TammyDear Ken,

I am honored that you felt comfortable enough with me to share your personal information. Thank you for all that you do for those who cannot do for themselves. Your telling me of how you help veterans touched my heart. People like you give me faith in humanity again.
VictoriaDear Ken,

I want to thank you for all your kind and compassionate help in taking care of my brother and creating the perfect funeral - burial at sea, something I never knew existed. It was perfect for a man who spent his life in the ocean. It was a beautiful experience. Thank you so much!
BarbaraDear Ken,

We just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did for us. With your care, you made my husband’s final goodbye so easy. You told me what we needed to do and you took care of everything, down to the finest detail. I still can’t believe how quickly and efficiently everything went, and how the VA cemetery was able to accommodate us so soon. I am sure you had something to do with that too!

I hope you are still around when it‘s my time to meet with God. Thank you for being a member of our family. We love you and hope god will continue to bless you.
MichelleTo all staff:

Just wanted to thank all of you who helped make my life easier to bare by providing your professionalism to my dad and me. May God bless each and every one of you, forever.
Francisca & FamilyThank you for your beautiful support. Your kind hearts ease the pain that our entire family and friends encountered this weekend. Once again, thanks to everyone of you for your love and compassion through this tough time. You will always be highly recommended because you treated us as part of your family.

Your kindness made a difference, and your thoughtfulness touched my heart. Thank you!
Terri, Karin and KevinThank you for your honest assistance with our plans for my father-in-law. What a breath of fresh air you are in the world of death, and in the world in general. You are someone worth knowing and we appreciate you.
ChristaI want to thank you with all my heart for sitting down with me and assisting with my brother’s services. Everything came out so wonderfully, and I know he is absolutely beaming in heaven. He knew we all showed up for him to honor his wonderful life.

You are quite a unique person to be able to give this closure to people as I‘m sure the years have been like an emotional roller coaster for you. You have resilience within you and your soul has depth, no doubt!
MaryMr. McKenzie,

There are no words to express the gratitude I feel inside. I‘ve never dealt with loss before. I‘ve always thought I couldn’t handle a loss. It isn’t easy, but you’ve played a huge part in helping me find peace in all of this. You’re an angel who does his work on earth and in human hearts. You’ve blessed me with one of the biggest gifts I could ever receive. Thank you, many times over.
LatoyaI just wanted to personally thank your company. I skipped Christmas last year, but I opened the package you mailed just last week. My heart broke and I cried knowing you took time to remember my dad to make an ornament I can have forever. Just wanted to say thank you for being so kind and thoughtful.
Alex, Sam and LladiraDear Ken and McKenzie Staff,

On behalf of my children and I, we would like to thank you all for the outstanding service and professionalism prior to and during the service honoring our loved one. Thank you for making this process seamless and less painful during our time of grief. Our family spoke nothing but great things about the chapel, the flowers, the priest sermon, and pretty much the entire set-up. Again, thank you so much for all of your support and wonderful staff we know we could count on.
LaDonnaIt was so thoughtful and kind of you to send me a birthday card! I am very much appreciative. You made my day!
KristinDear Ken and Staff,

I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for the care you gave to my family, particularly to my mother, following the death of my father. It was difficult to have to wait so long for his burial date, but your continued contact and kindness to my mother helped. You made our father look very nice in his casket and the chapel was set up beautifully for his wake. Your staff was lovely, especially the man who was driving the hearse on the day of the burial. Thank you for your care!
ShadiI wanted to personally thank you for helping out my friends. Your help was much appreciated. As we know, these times are the hardest days to get through. Thanks to you for providing the above-and-beyond service you gave them; it did not go unnoticed.
AlexandraI wanted to thank Ken for writing his book! I am a critical care nurse. In college, I helped a friend who owned a funeral home—very interesting! I also lost my first husband, a doctor, to suicide in the same way Ken’s dad did. It has crystallized my compassion for others. I just started reading, “Over Our Dead Bodies” and look forward to reading it and your other book!
Anonymous“Thank you” is easy enough to say, but doesn't quite convey the total gratitude I feel for the situation you helped to heal. Your servant’s heart is his work of art. Giving the best of you in the worst of times is a true testament to the beauty of your spirit. Thank you so very much for what you do, and for assisting those during one of the hardest times they will ever experience. We wanted to extend our gratitude and appreciation for assisting our client who is part of our family. We’re looking forward to building a relationship, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Mary and RobertKen,

I wanted to thank you and your office family for all your help to me!
JulietMcKenzie Mortuary Services,

Thank you for the caring and professional services you all provided for our loved one. People tend to think about frontline workers, but your company caused us to think of the real superheroes.

Behind-the-Scenes People

Behind-the-Scenes People
they’re never in sight—
While we’re asleep
they stay up all night.

They don’t seek a “thank you”
not even an applause—
They work from their hearts
for the right cause.

They manage to get things done
and no one knows how—
please take a bow.

We are forever grateful for your care and immense kindness.

We wanted to thank you for your continued customer service. Although I did not handle much at the funeral home during my mother’s passing, it was meant to be for me to finally meet you. My sister always spoke so highly of you and she was right. Your compassion and genuine care was so evident when I met you. Thank you again for handling my father’s affairs.

Thank you so much for all of your help and all of your patience in the midst of funeral planning for my grandpa. My family and I appreciate everything so much. I’m so thankful for not only your help this year, but six years ago as well when my mom passed. You have made things so much easier for my family in the most difficult of times. Blessings to you!

I just wanted to convey my sincerest thanks to you for your help with the cremation of my father. You made this difficult situation as painless as possible. I appreciate the time and care you took in helping me navigate this process. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to say goodbye to my dad.

Please convey my thanks to Ken as well. My initial call with him was on one of my worst days. His kindness was very much appreciated.

I am very grateful to all of you. Thank you for everything!
EmilyIt has been a little over four months since my dear friend passed away. There have been many loose ends to tie up as I have been settling his affairs. However, I wanted to send a heartfelt thanks to you and your personnel for your efficiency and kindness concerning him. He had made arrangements before his death which made this so much easier to handle your phone calls and correspondence. When we came to pick up the death certificates, your personnel were very kind. Thank you for providing such a dignified and professional service for our loved ones and our community.
Brigid, Mary, Cate and CharleyDearest Ken,

When the firefighters asked me where Tom would be carried on the night he died, without question, I answered, “McKenzie’s in Long Beach.” When his brother or Mayor Garcetti asked why there, I answered, “Because this guy Ken is amazing!”

Thank you for taking us in, without a plan, and for listening. You gave Tom the respect and care he needed and deserved, like everyone of course. But when I wanted to go simple, you said, “Navy, American flag,” and it worked for him. The casket color was beautiful. Thank you for that gift.

Bonnie was a pro—helping those park rangers carry and transfer Tom to the flatbed truck that drove him to the top of Mt. Hollywood for his last hike. Tom would have loved it. Bonnie played along with a madcap idea he’d wished for 20 years prior—promise kept. Thank you, Bonnie.

I will speak of your praises to the moon and back every day. You’ve been given a gift. We love you!

I am one of the nurses you met in our OPS (surgery). I saw your story on the news about the overwhelming situation you are going through. I know even if it is so tough on you and all of the families, you are doing your best to take care of them and help them get through this. You are such a wonderful man with a huge heart.
Beverly and DeaniWe’ve been thinking of you remembering how caring and thoughtful you and your staff were with our dad’s and later, our mom’s funeral arrangements. We can only imagine how overwhelmed you must be and the stress and grief you’re dealing with.

So, this is just to let you know you’re appreciated and valued at the time, and long afterward.
AdriaWe wanted to thank you for your continued customer service. My visit at the funeral home was was meant to be for me to finally meet you. My sister always spoke so highly of you. She was right; your compassion and genuine care was so evident when I met you. Thank you again for handling my father’s affairs. The urn is absolutely beautiful.
AnonymousThank you for your professionalism, love and support. My brother’s farewell service was more than I could imagine.
ArleneMy family and I want to thank you all for the funeral services for our brother. This is the second time we used your services for a family member, and we were once again not disappointed.

You and your staff always show us dignity, kindness, respect and patience. The video presentation was more than we expected.

You are not out to drain grieving families by taking advantage of their state of mind to overcharge for a funeral. Any stress we had, you take it off of our shoulders and care for everything. This means so much to a family when they are unable to think clearly.

Once again, we thank you.
AnonymousThank you for your professionalism, love and support. My brother’s farewell service was more than I could imagine.
Vicki and TrentDear Ken,

I wanted to send a note of appreciation to you. When you took care of our family, your warm tone and kindness from your heart, we felt. I was watching the news article regarding the overwhelming work you do. You are a blessing to the community. More love is needed in this world.
JanThis is being sent to let you know that during this unusual and challenging time, you are all being thought of and prayed for. You and your staff took such wonderful care of my parents that I thought you would like an extra “thank you.” Hang in there!
DianaWe’re back home in Texas now and I don’t want too much time going by without me sending you a very sincere and heartfelt ”thank you” for the beautiful service you and your wonderful team prepared for my mother-in-love.

You took a stressful moment in our lives and made everything perfect, and for that our family will always be grateful. Being 1200 miles away, we had to place our trust in you and your team and you did not disappoint us.

You have a wonderful support team around you, each time I spoke with Adriana or Dave, I was made to feel as if we were your most important client. And then there was Ada; what a wonderful gentle soul! She gently guided us through the day and was there with the right words at the right moment.

With heartfelt thanks,
AnonymousThe ability to have an online obituary that I can post, share with family members and friends across that United States is wonderful. Our friends and family live all over the country, so it was a good way to reach out to all.

The ability for everyone to post loving and funny memories was so great. I go back and read the posts and they make me smile.

The gold color urn for the niche is beautiful. I was very happy to see its nice quality. I also like how easy it was to work with everyone. You made a very tough time much easier. Thank you for being so kind!
ChristineThank you, and keep up the good job for families during their difficult times.
JeanI wish to thank everyone at McKenzie Mortuary who provided assistance in preparing my daughter, Donna for her trip to Connecticut. Thank you all very much for your help and service.
KellyThis was the first time I had to plan a funeral. You made this whole thing as painless as possible. I had complete confidence in your handling of every part of the service. Thank you!
SusanDear Ken,

I just wanted to say how wonderful I thought your service was for my friend. I first met you through mutual friends, and there were all my friends today, easily but sadly viewed through Zoom. It was a tender and touching service and a reminder that we're all in this together and we will not let disease, pestilence or social distancing prevent us from caring for and loving our friends. Thank you for all you bring to our community. Blessings and good health to you and all the team at McKenzie.
JaniceThank you for giving me the information I needed to cremate my mom. You made the process easy and kept me in the loop. I appreciate it!
NancyMy interactions and conversations with Ken McKenzie were both comfortable and reassuring. There was no pressure whatsoever to purchase any services I did not need. I really appreciated that. I would definitely use his services for pre-arrangements in the future.
TimKen and Staff,
Thank you so much for thinking of our family during our difficult time. Your service and attention to detail was very thoughtful and appreciated by all. We will slowly move forward thinking of fond memories of our loved one to get us through the day. Thank you again!
Walt and CathyTo Ken and his staff,
You all were so kind. Thanks for your help. I enjoyed chatting in your office and even had a few laughs along the way. If we ever get our act together, we will be in touch so that we can ship everyone to Hawaii for a burial at sea! Thanks again!
KarenThank you for standing by my side when times get hard.
GeorgettaSaying “thank you” hardly begins to express my appreciation for all of your kindness, patience and care during this time. I’ll never forget that you kept my husband in your care throughout this process. It allowed me some rest and peace.
Tina and AnnaThank you for your kindness and professionalism during this difficult time in our lives.
NaiateaThank you for the kind and caring service. Our very best for the continued success of your benefit to the community.
JeanHow do you thank someone who has done so much? I’m not sure we would have found my brother without your help. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say, “thank you!”
JeanneDearest Ken,

I‘m sitting here in the quiet of my home and missing my “hunk of heaven.” I am not sure I told you that is what I always called him, and even introduced him like that before I would say his name. Anyway, I wanted to thank you again for how comfortable you made me feel in such a difficult situation.

I love the urn and I will keep it here until it goes back east with the rest of our family.

Being together for 72 years is a long time but we did have a beautiful love story. Yes, we were husband and wife, but we respected each other like two people with different views and different personalities. We also raised two lovely ladies. It worked for us.

I want to thank you for being such a beautiful spirit serving so many people during a difficult moments in their lives. You have added to my journey here in California, and I thank you for that. One of these days, I will stop by to say hi!
AnonymousThe staff was very kind and helpful. At no point did we feel obligated to do something. Everyone was helpful especially with the type of service we planned. The ladies that were there during the wake and funeral were so kind and went above and beyond. They felt like family and not like they were just there to do a job. We appreciate all of you. Thank you!
MaryThe day I absolutely dreaded was not as depressing or as impersonal as expected. Small in stature, big in comfort and professionalism.
BonnieI just wanted to take the opportunity to personally thank you for being a part of the McKenzie family. I am excited to help make a difference with our families.
Mary EllenThe sentiments in this card cover much of what I would like to say. Losing my husband after 42 years of marriage has been the most difficult thing I have faced in my life. I cannot thank you enough for your empathy, understanding, frankness, kindness, concern, and yes, even humor during this time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
DavidWe deeply appreciate and gratefully acknowledge your kind expression of sympathy. It will always be remembered.
AndrewWhat a great article I read about you in the newspaper! It’s nice to learn about someone who truly has a calling within the funeral industry and gives back to his community.
Diane and BarryThank you for your caring and compassion, and also your help to make the arrangements for our mother. We are so glad that we made our plans in advance so everything was set In place at the time we needed it. You gave excellent advice in guidance, and made this difficult situation as comfortable and stress free as it could possibly be.
JamieI just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me over the past few weeks. You are a godsend and I feel like I’ve known you for years and we still haven’t ever met. Your help, advice and attorney referrals have saved me. Thanks again for being the amazing person you are!
MaryNever in a million years did I ever think that I would have a chuckle on the day that I went to your mortuary to make arrangements for my father. No way in hell did I see that coming until I happened to meet you! You were so respectful, so honest, so professional and so personal. You made the process feel very natural instead of horrible. You were so pleasant, and that made me feel more comfortable. There really is never going to be adequate words to express gratitude for meeting you and for the way you’ve taken care of all the details. We entrusted these end-of-life duties to you and forever I’ll feel grateful. You are a huge charismatic and sensitive soul and are very admired by those who know you.
Angeline, Nico and ManoKen, your are and kindness are truly appreciated. We are thankful for your truth and friendship. Perhaps we can meet at the Red Leprechaun soon to share some laughs.
WandaOur family would like to thank you for the loving care you gave to our beloved mother after her transition to Heaven. She arrived in Texas to our loving arms and for that, we are grateful.
JeanI’ve read in recent Long Beach newspapers about your 25th anniversary. Inasmuch as you have sent me annual birthday greetings—which have been received with much pleasure—I’m reciprocating in kind! I’ve enjoyed your books and the light touch you give to the whole end-of-the-road happenings.

’till we meet, thanks!
Diane and BenWe want to thank you for your care and compassion helping us to make the arragements for our mom. We are so glad that we made our plans in advance so that everything was set in place at the time we needed it. You gave excellent advice and guidance and you made this difficult situation as comfortable and stress-free as it could possibly be.
AnonymousI was unaware that McKenzie used to be affiliated with the Long Beach Department of Veterans Affairs. When I spoke to the VA’s supervisor of Administration Officers of the Day (AOD) he informed me of the outstanding services McKenzie formally provided. This was proved when Mr. Ken McKenzie pratically coordinated everything from dates and times to the appropriate forms and paperwork required for my father’s burial. Not only have I advocated for McKenzie’s, I have referred him to all in need for services. I believe wholeheartedly I received the best cutomer service, communication and experience given to situation. Additionally, providing my mother and family with the beautiful lily, plant and bouquet basket was a class act. We still have the bouquet as it is a beautiful as the day it was received. Another class act by McKenzie’s was transporting my father all the way to Riverside National Cemetery by way of a beautiful white Cadillac hearse and another van for his photo and arrangements. I don’t see how McKenzie could improve. They went well above and beyond expectations.
CynthiaFirst of all, Ken McKenzie is the best! He is warm, comforting, funny and has a great sense of humor; this was just what I needed! Sande helped with forms and was very kind. As it turns out, she knew my mom! That was a comfort and Sande remembered the beautiful orchids and flower arrangements made by my moher. Also, the Mortuary handled my step-father too many years ago. I handled those arrangements and was very happy with your services then. Thank you for your caring attitudes!
PaulineEverything was beautiful for my uncle. I could not have done this without your services. We are so grateful.
MariaKen was very courteous and became a friend to me at a hard time in my life. I highly recommend McKenzie Mortuary. They are the best in every way!
AnonymousMy brother was the only family member in California and we had to arrange everything long distance. The staff at McKenzie made that a very easy process for us which we appreciated so much during such a difficult time. Thank you!
LaniI have told friends and family about our experiences with McKenzie Mortuary. I was so overwhelmed when my daughters and I went to meet Ken, but he had a way of comforting us and I felt he doing an excellent job communicating, even when we had a hard time to get doctors’ releases. He kept us informed and also assured us that he was staying on top of everything as far as going to the hospital to get a release. I will promote your business to all those who may need your services. If we don't move back east, I will be calling. Thank you for everything!
Lisa, Michelle & MaryThank you so much for your help with my dad’s arrangements. You made such a sad time much easier on us.
Fall Social Work 2018…this card is not big enough for me to express my gratitude towards you for allowing me and my classmates to visit your mortuary. To make a long story short, it was such a great learning experience on so many levels. It has also made a tremendous impact on how I perceive death, mortuaries and the significance of making funeral plans ahead of time. Once again, thank you as well as your employees for all that you do!—Emily

...thank you for everything you do for the community and for us as students and future social workers. Also, thank you for the dignity that you give as you prepare your cases. Thank you so much for donating your time and energy for our education. I hope when it’s my time that I can have someone like you caring for me when the time comes. The generosity and spirit really touched me and I just really am so grateful.—Andy

…thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to get to know your work, your story and your experience. It was a very special and precious experience to me. I really appreciate your approach to death, people and life. Now, I feel less afraid of death. Thank you very much!— Maria

…thank you for taking the time to educate us about your business. I really appreciated your genuine and authentic approach to the work you do. It was beautiful to hear your story and all of your successes. The community is lucky to have you and your business for the services you provide. I wish nothing but more success in your future!—Alejandra

…thank you so much for allowing us to visit your mortuary. I was deeply moved and inspired by the work you do and the integrity with which you treat your customers. I can honestly say that my perspective about the type of work you do is completely changed and I am so grateful to have met you! Thank you for sharing your background with us and answering all of our questions. May you continue to do the work you love and honoring the lives of those who are no longer with us.—Evelyn

…I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to allow our class to have the opportunity to experience such an amazing tour. It was very inspiring for me as to how genuine you are and the compassion you have towards your career. I also want to say thank you for sharing the story of how you lost your father. It really spoke to me when you shared how our experiences sometimes lead us to what we are destined to do.—Natalie

…I just want to express how grateful I am for the opportunity to tour the mortuary, and ask you questions. I appreciate you taking the time to talk with the class and share your life’s work with us. You are very genuine person and I truly believe that you were meant to do this work. I’m sure there are a lot of people that feel lucky to have your mortuary care for their loved one. Please continue on with your work. Thank you so much, again.—Amy

…thank you for allowing us to come, learn and to experience with life at the mortuary is like. I also want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to have an open discussion with my mother about her wishes for the time of her passing. It was an honor to learn from you! I truly appreciate your willingness to spend the evening educating us on the inner workings of the mortuary. Your passion and knowledge was great to experience. Every moment of the time spent was so memorable. For myself, and my class, I think you and your staff.

…getting the opportunity to tour your mortuary was an incredible experience. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to educate us about your industry. This will be very useful for my professional future.—Sonya

…I appreciate the time and space you were able to share with the class. It took courage for you to be vulnerable and open about your personal life experiences. It was truly an honor for you to share the death and dying process. Thank you for the work you do.—Crystal

…I enjoy the experience you gave us by allowing us into your job. I loved learning about your life and your career. Because of you, my view of a mortuary has changed and I gained important information. The thing that stood out the most was your approach to working with families and the deceased. Your values, respect and relationship with the deceased made this experience very rewarding. I liked your honesty with us because I was able to understand a lot better. I will forever remember this experience. Thank you so much. I hope when I need services from the mortuary, I can call upon you.—Andy

…thank you for the opportunity and allowing us to see your work. Again, thank you for your time. It was a memorable experience and something I will not forget as I continue to pursue my career.—Cynthia

…thank you for welcoming us to your mortuary in sharing all the information that you did. I appreciate your authenticity and your grace in supporting families experiencing a loss. As someone who has lost three loved ones, I truly appreciate the kind of support you give. I have a lot of respect for the line of work that you are in. Thank you for putting all of your energy, love and commitment into your profession.—Gladys

…thank you so much for showing our class your mortuary. I appreciated learning about funeral arrangements and getting a hands-on experience. I really enjoyed you showing us around, and I really appreciated the tour. Thank you so much.—Sarah

…where do I begin; let me first start off by saying thank you! Thank you for being so kind, generous and welcoming. You really have opened my eyes. This was my first experience in a mortuary. This experience will stay with me forever and I am very grateful for that. Death is so hard to cope with, but you have such a warm and loving presence. You can tell your passion for your career. I admire your dedication. Thank you!.—Jay

…thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful and informative opportunity. I know it will make me a better social worker, especially because my goal is to work in hospices. I know it’s not easy to host a bunch of college students on top of your already long and busy day. But it was something I will never forget. Thank you for all the care, sincerity and hard work you and your staff put into supporting so many families and their loved ones.—Melissa

…thank you very much for taking the time to provide our class with the incredible learning opportunity. I learned so much, and really appreciate your style and how you run your business. I only hope I will be taking care of at my passing as you have with the families you serve.—Sophie

…I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to accommodate our class for a learning experience. I greatly appreciate your hospitality. Thank you for your sense of humor, knowledge and passion.
CarolKen is amazing and he really helped us through the most difficult time in our lives. His staff is very nice and professional, and he was very attentive to all of our needs. I have nothing but good reviews for this facility.
AnonymousMaking the decision to bury or cremate is never an easy one. My mother was new to Long Beach. Even though she was almost 93, her death was sudden. I went on the Internet and found McKenzie Mortuary. The location was close to where she lived, the price was affordable and everyone I spoke with was kind and loving. The advice I was given was “spot on” especially as to the question of how many death certificates I needed. I thought I needed 10. Ken said to start with four. It saved us money and time; this was perfect advice. I do not live in Long Beach, but if I ever move there, McKenzie will be my choice to take care of me and my loved ones.
Andrea & TanyaThank you so very much for the compassion and support you showed as we mourned the passing of our sister. It was five yeras ago when we buried our father, and you provided the same exceptional service then as you did this time.
AnonymousI have no other family members to rely upon for decision-making. My husband allowed me to work out the details on my own without interfering—just listening. I therefore relied on Ken and Sande to guide me through the process allowing me to make my own decisions. It took me several days to finally come up with the final end-of-life planning for my mother as she was not helpful during her lifetime and the final placement and memorial. McKenzie made this very stressful process much easier and I sincerely appreciate their help and guidance.
AnonymousI cannot thank you enough for your kindness and care in coming out during our family’s difficult time. Needless to say, it was unusual marking the arrangements and my brother passing hours later. We thought we had a little time. Again, keep up the compassionate and caring good work.
AnonymousYour kindness made a difference and your thoughtfulness touched our hearts. Thank you for everything you did to create a beautiful tribute for my sister. I’m especially appreciative to Captain George and I would gladly recommend him because of his great personal and professional attention. Also, we enjoyed Pastor Michael Brown’s sermon and song. We also appreciate the time he met with us to plan the sermon for the burial at sea. And thank you to those of your staff for their support.
AnonymousKen was a pleasure to work with. I wish all mortuaries would model after his transparent and personlized methodology. I left feeling that I had made a friend! Thank you, Ken!
SueA sincere “thank you” for all you did in helping me with my mom. From the initial meeting to the final service, you’ve put my mind at ease. You are a gem! Thank you, so much!
Summer Social Work 2018…thank you so much for taking the time to give me and my class a tour of the mortuary. I really appreciate your sense of humor and openness about death and loss. You are doing great work and I learned a lot. Thank you again!—Adriane C.

…thank you for sharing your personal story of how you ended up in this kind of business. I was impressed with your professionalism and sense of humor. Don’t change your attitud!—Marie

…thank you for giving the social work cohort the opportunity to visit your mortuary. I really appreciated and valued all the information that was given to us. I learned so much and have a whole new respect for everyone that works at mortuaries. Thank you for your service, time and jokes throughout the visit. You’ve gained a customer! I’ve told my family about your lovely mortuary.—Andree

…thank you for all the information and the time you took to allow us to see beyond what morticians to do. It was a truly unique experience and I am extremely grateful that you allowed us to experience this. You have forever changed my views on death.—Jacqueline

…thank you so much for opening the doors to your mortuary and giving us a glimpse of the work that funeral directors do. I felt so much peace walking in and the laughs you provided made me realize that death is a natural process that should be celebrated despite the pain felt when a loved one has been lost. Thank you for doing an amazing job and bringing laughter to the family so you serve.—Jennifer

…thank you so much for the time you provided. You have no idea how much I enjoyed it. I loved your personality and you made a topic so hard to talk about into making it enjoyable and fun. Your humor is awesome! You do a great job at what you do, and it truly seems like a passion and I hope it continues. I wish you the best and maybe we will cross paths. I appreciated the experience.—Mariala

…thank you so very much for welcoming us on our visit. I really enjoyed the information and humor. I’ve ordered my copies of your books for some self-care humor!—Stephanie

…thank you for allowing my cohort to come and visit your mortuary. You were extremely open and very knowledgeable. I appreciated you sharing your experiences and what led you to the field.

…I appreciate your time and the detail you provided to our class.—Matt

…wonderful presentation and knowledge. I learned a lot. Thank you.—Robert

…thank you so much for your time and knowledge on mortuaries and mortuary work. This experience was very eye-opening and it changed my opinion on this whole process. Once again, thank you and I appreciate your passion for this profession and the care you provide to all of your families.

…our visit was truly an amazing experience! I’ve learned so much from you. What I will take with me throughout my career is your way of talking about death. You’ve allowed me to view death through a different lens. Thank you for that! Your sense of humor rocks!

…thank you for taking time out of your night to talk to our class. You really got me thinking about what a good death is, and how I would want that for myself. I will be able to use this information when working with clients, especially when discussing costs, and ways you can dispose of a body.—Ives

…the information provided has definitely help me better understand end of life and the process to ready a body for the vigil. Thank you so much for the information from the body preparation to the price of the urns and caskets. The humor definitely helped with any anxiety or nervousness I had going to the mortuary.

…thank you for making death funny! I appreciate your candor in time you gave to educating us, I truly learned so much.—Allison

…a huge thank you for the caring work that you do. I love how honest you are. Believe me, you make their grieving experience much better. You’re a social worker by heart. Thanks for allowing us to get a better understanding of death and loss to better serve our clients.—Summer

…thank you for bringing humor into such a tough topic. I went into the visit nervous, but felt I grew a lot from the experience. I had a friend who passed away from suicide by train, and although his face and body were mostly intact, they didn’t allow a viewing since it was a suicide. I really appreciate it when you said you do everything you can to allow a viewing for families.—Jennifer

…your mortuary is amazing. Thank you for taking the time to educate us. You’ve really changed my view and understanding about what you do, so much so, that I am now really considering what will happen to me after life!—Victor

…honestly, you are amazing. I very much appreciate how candid you were, which put me at ease. The whole experience was eye-opening and I am so thankful for that experience.—Richard

…I appreciate you taking the time to meet with our class and opening yourself and McKenzie Mortuary to us. You’re in-depth and humorous approach allowed great insight into the honorable work that you do. Thank you for this learning experience.—Randy

…thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us! I definitely see morticians and mortuary owners in a totally different light with thanks to you. Thank you for using your humor to make me (and most of us) feel comfortable and more at ease with being around dead bodies. I admire your passion for it!—Ashley

…thank you very much for the opportunity to learn from you. I really enjoyed the visit. It was a very unique experience. I especially enjoyed the hint of humor to the conversation about death. Keep up the good work.—Martha
JudyI want to thank you and the McKenzie Mortuary director who assisted during the memorial service at sea for my brother. The weather was picture perfect; the yacht “Something Special” was most comfortable, and Captain George and wife provided a well-planned experience and dignified service. We highly recommend Captain George’s services to your future clients.
Anonymous Thank you so much for taking good care of my child, Mr. McKenzie!
HelenI know that my husband was as pleased as I was with the services you provided to us at the end of his journey on earth. It gave me tremendous comfort. Thank you!
JulieDear Ken, my favorite mortician,

There are no words to express what meeting you can say. I believe things happen in our lives the way they are intended, and we meet special people when we need them.

Well, this is certainly true in my case. As you know about the “hell” other mortuaries had put me through, I’m just starting to be able to grieve after all these months, after the anger and frustration they caused me.

But if that all had not happened, I wouldn’t have met you! You put me at ease from the moment we meet. I felt your compassion and care immediately. You even had me laughing! You are truly a gift to your profession and I thank God He lead me to you and McKenzie’s.

I would not have thought to combine my parents ashes in the beautiful urn, nor would I have thought to do the military honors at Riverside National Cemetery. It was the most wonderful final resting place, and thanks to you and the staff, went without a hitch, even the weather was beautiful after there was the threat of, "the worst rainstorm," the sun shined for us all day

None of this would have happened if not for you. After sixteen months of caring for my dad, we are still trying to get back to a “new normal,” having a lot to do, with cleaning out the house and getting it ready for my daughter to move in, but I just wanted to thank you for your very special part in our journey. You are one-in-a-million, and I am one blessed daughter to have met you.

I’m still writing my intended letters to the state to make certain no other family goes through my distressing experience. I will also write Yelp reviews when I can, but I wanted to write to you first, as you are the most important to me.

I will never forget you.
LuaThank you so very much for your kind and compassionate care (with always a welcome bit of humor!) of us as we sent our sister on her way. The process is always heavy, but your kindness lightens the heaviness and supports the load with caring.
ElizabethMy family and I were very satisfied with the help given to us at McKenzie Mortuary. All of our wishes were granted without any pressure. I am glad that all will be easier for my children when my time ends. Thank you for your good and caring work.
ClareI can not thank you enough for the wonderful attention to detail for my husband’s memorial, and also for the support you gave my family and me. You have a special warmth and enthusiasm that is catching. You let me know everything would be alright.
Tom and JeriThank you for all your kindness and help at this difficult time. We will definitely recommend your services to our friends. The end of last year brought some sad times for us, but also some times of love, and we celebrate our savior’s birth with many. You were such a blessing to us and made things so easy. God bless you and we all wish you a wonderful new year.
David & SharonWe are so grateful for all of your help. You were both professional and personable at the same time! The services were beautiful and it was a lovely send off. We are so happy with the way that everything turned out. Thanks for your assistance and expertise.
CynthiaKen surely discovered his calling! He has a very compassionate team working with him. I am very grateful, and am willing to give 100% positive feedback!
Fall Social Work 2017…the students loved you and your presentation. You’re a hit! Thank you so much again and talk to you later.–Steve

…you’re awesome, and thank you! I wish more people could get a chance to witness and learn about your profession. We need more compassionate people like you, while still having a badass sense of humor. Thanks for answering our 1,000 questions and showing us your business!—Kenna

…thank you so much for making this easier for me. You are the best.—Rene

…thank you so much for your kind assistance. You generously provided me the bio-bag that will get my father one step closer to having his ashes scattered at sea. You’ll never be forgotten in our family!—Sherie and Carlo

…thank you for taking time to share your story and your passion with us. I truly enjoyed hearing your perspective and love of seeing families.– Caprissa

…thank you for allowing or class to attend your mortuary. It was very enlightening and powerful. The way you are is amazing. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. Your energy is amazing and it is portrayed in your work.–Mary

…your gracefulness with whom you help and make final preparation of the body is amazing! You are right; you help those who are dead and we as social workers do deal with the living. One thing we do have in common is the caring/compassion in the work we do. Thank you for your open and warm heart. Thank you for being funny and comfortable with us. I am grateful for your honesty and joy for all you do! Please keep it going and continue to help those families you often help and care for!—Kim

…thank you for making this trip possible for us! Being a student, these are small moments that I will always remember. I learned so much from you. I am so happy that somebody like you with such a big heart is in this work!—Lisa

…thank you so much for opening up your passion to us. I appreciate your vulnerability and humor. We need more people like you!—Maggie

…thank you so much for being so open and honest about the details of your job. Your passion for what you do shines through. I really appreciate your sense of humor as you gave details about your job sector. I also really appreciate the amount of respect you had for the dead. Thank you for your time and sharing your wealth of knowledge. I look forward to buying your books.

…I’m very grateful that I was given the opportunity to be a part of this experience. I’ll admit that I was scared because I didn’t know what to expect. You made the experience comfortable. I appreciated how engaging, open, and genuine you were, and that you answered all of the questions I asked no matter how personal they were. Thank you so much for your time and thank you for your knowledge and sharing a little bit about your work.—Jennifer

…I want to thank you for opening your doors to us and providing a such a fascinating education on the funeral arrangements and body preparation. I learned so much and I am so appreciative of allowing us to see your work. What you do is very valuable. Thank you.—Angie

…thank you for opening up your business for our education and teaching us how we can treat the dead with kindness and dignity.—Victoria

…thank you so much for opening your mortuary and your heart. I so appreciate the experience. I was particularly impressed by your motivation and the care you put into the families you serve. What you do matters so much.—Rebecca

…thank you for taking the time to show us your mortuary. I enjoyed the whole experience. I really learned a lot and I know that this information will help me in my career! Continue to help families through the awesome work that you do!

…thank you for the amazing experience and for sharing your personal coping stories. Your amazing sense of humor made the whole visit easier to process. Also you totally changed my mind about the mortuary process because I felt and saw the respect you showed that lady, and now I am pro- small mortuaries—Yolanda

…it was such a pleasure to be part of this experience. I cannot think you enough for welcoming us at your mortuary. I truly appreciate how you handled the body; it brings me comfort to know that our beloved dead are in good hands, at least at your mortuary!—Jackie

…thank you so much for opening your doors to us and showing us what you do. I have gained so much respect for the work that you do and it has given me an insight on all the hard work that you do to bring peace and tranquility to grieving families. I hope your services are available when I need them.—Christina

…our visit to your place of employment was enlightning. Your sense of respect for the body was filled with dignity and grace. The question and answer portion was educational and hysterical. Thank you and thanks to Professor Wilson. You should take your duo a comedy act on the road—Julie

…I said that if you have a fan club, I would sign up for a lifetime membership! Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit. I had a most memorable experience all due to you.—Pam

…thank you so much for the learning experience. The visit changed my perception of funeral at the mortuary services. Your kindness and humor is greatly appreciated.—Tamara

…thank you so much for having our class at your mortuary. I actually pass by your office every week because I have a client next door at the skilled nursing facility, so I am even more pleased that I got to go in. Your presentation was fantastic and it’s something I’ll never forget.—Carolyne

…I’m not sure where to begin, but I want to thank you so much for your valuable time and for allowing me and my colleagues to spend the evening with you and being so exposed to what you are passionate about. I really appreciated your openness and especially your humor, but also your value of serving your clients with respect and dignity. You’ve really opened my eyes about the process after death and the difficulties you encounter with working with some families. I value every second I got to spend with you and learn so much about the after-care for the deceased. You are amazing and I really enjoyed your presence!—Morgan

…thank you so very much for taking your time and opening the doors to a place that is like your home. It was such an amazing experience and I have learned so much about the process of what happens after someone dies.—Almira

…thank you for allowing us to come and learn at your mortuary it was a pleasure!– Angela

…death is a part of life. I forgot that you can find happiness in the gift of life, even with the promise of death. Thank you for making me feel at peace with death.—Ricky

…thank you for the great experience. You were very charismatic and informative. It was a memorable experience. Thank you for your time.—Claudia

…thank you so much for taking time to show us around at the mortuary. This experience was so amazing and I am blessed to have been able to attend this. You are an incredible person and such a blessing to this world.—Felicia– PS, the calendar is rad!

…thank you for your time. You truly made the experience great and made me see your profession in a different light your compassion and loving nature it was truly beautiful!—Jesus

…I will be honest, I had no clue what was entailed with being a mortician. I was blown away and have the utmost respect for you and the field. I admire your dedication and compassion for assisting families, and showing so much care for end-of-life practices. I also wanted to mention that five years ago, my grandfather was cremated at your facility, and my mom appreciated all your patience, support and assistance. She had so many lovely things to say, so thank you again!—Mary Lou

…I am still trying to wrap my head around how you do what you do although this profession seems very emotional to do, it is remarkable to be part of this part of an individual’s ceremony to Heaven. You are a funny person, and I truly got a sense of your love and passion for what you do. Also, thank you for opening up about your personal story with your loss and how you cope with your loss. This visit has helped me perceive dying in an entire new perspective. I still have a difficult time excepting that my loved ones and me will be gone one day. However, I can now talk about what type of service I want when I pass. Thank you for making this experience funny, educational and inspirational—Karen

…thank you so much for taking the time to speak to our class! My view of death services has definitely changed due to the visit. I also very much appreciated your stories, especially that of the factors contributing to the opening of your business!—Justin

…I appreciated the way you made light out of our visit. It is not every day that we as MSW students get to view added Bobbie. Thank you for your hospitality and wonderful sense of humor.—Lupe

…thank you so much for opening your door to our class. I found the experience to be extremely eye-opening and beautiful at the same time you made the experience extremely memorable.—Peter

…thank you for allowing me in my class to visit your mortuary! Your story and knowledge are inspiring and you have a lovely sense of humor that puts people at ease. The visit has changed my perception of death for the better. Thank you!—Whitney

…thank you for taking the time to educate us on death care you have shattered my views about this work and its employees. You all do amazing and beautiful work for families of the deceased. Thank you again!—Leanna

…thank you so much for allowing us to visit. I learned a lot and enjoyed your stories. You even sparked an interest if I want to enter a new career field. I appreciate your time and since of humor.—Amy

…thank you for the very informative and engaging presentation and demonstration. I greatly appreciate your willingness to be honest and forthcoming about your personal and work experiences. This was my first mortuary visit and I learned so much from the experience. Thank you again for sharing your time and knowledge with us—Iliana
KenKen was very good, and explained things so that kids could understand also.
SusanWhat we thought would be a very difficult meeting was, from the moment we walked in the door, a simple, but sad decision. Ken McKenzie and staff could not have been more comforting. Thank you!
BillThanks for the card. I had to smile. Something strange about a mortuary wishing one a longer life.
LindaI was very pleased that you did the paperwork regarding arranging the receipt of funds from the VA to help with my costs. We also had a celebration of life service for Chris. Thank you for all the help. It is very had to loose a son.
AnonymousEveryone who I talked to did a great job in helping me with all the things that needed to be done to get my cousin cremated and her ashes sent to Wisconsin. Thank you!
MonicaJust a huge thank you to you all at McKenzie’s. You made all my arrangements for my mother so perfect. I could not have done it without all the staff’s help. I am beyond grateful for making my family and I feel so welcomed. I never felt rushed or pressured. All of the staff were very supportive and caring. I will always recommend McKenzie’s!
The McFaughen Family We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous donation. It was such a nice surprise after all we have been through. It is nice to know that there are wonderful people still out there. We plan to pay it forward and help someone else in our situation. We wish you all the best in your art endeavors.
Everett & Diane Immediately after sitting with Ken, we knew we were in the right place! This was a very unexpected and tragic event to plan, and Ken made it all the much easier. By Ken asking questions about us, my mother, and about what we wanted, he helped make the decisions about all the final arrangements seamless. Ken’s warm personality showed through; he lightened up the sadness and we felt very relaxed with him. Most importantly, after hearing about all the events leading up to my mother’s passing, Ken’s recommendation for getting an autopsy saved us much time and money, as things began to unfold after we got home. His recommendation of a lawyer, who was kind enough to say he couldn’t handle the case, but recommended someone who could, made things so much easier too.

All of that being said, Ken not only was a professional to the highest degree, but he showed a softer side to us, especially when we were at a low point. He helped in any way he could. I can’t say enough. I thank you and all of your staff, including Sande at the front desk so much for everything you did.
Spring Social Work 2017Mr. McKenzie, it was truly an honor to visit your mortuary. This was an experience that I will remember for a lifetime. I have often struggled with the idea that we all will die. Your statement that the body is a “shell” really helped me view death in a more realistic and positive way and I thank you. Continue to do a wonderful job serving the community and making the end of life more pleasant.—Anita

....your presentation and professionalism is so appreciated by me and the students in the class. Nelson is awesome too!—Steven

...I know it takes a lot to tell your story and to tell about your place of business to us. Thank you for being the wonderful person you are!—Chanique

...for your dedication in helping us learn about the beautiful death process—Joana

...What a great experience this was for me. My brother was killed when I was about six years old, and I was not allowed to go to his service. This opportunity gave me closure. Thank you—Vennia

...It definitely changed the way I think about mortuary services. You brought peace into places where I had none. Thank you very much for doing what you do.—Irene

....Your passion and dedication for the work that you do is clear. This visit was very informative for me as a person who was initially unaware of the tasks mortuary do.—Kimberly

...I learned a lot and appreciate the insight. I feel fortunate because not many people will ever get that experience.—Sarah

...thank you for your candid responses. You provided us with an experience of a lifetime. I have profound respect for the work that you do for the community. I am thankful that we have brave, enthusiastic members of society like you. Please continue to allow students to have this experience as it helps us educate others as well as share the positive experience.—Kaila

...thank you for allowing our class to visit your mortuary. It was a great learning experience and you brought a human element to it—Jessica

...most importantly, thank you for sharing with us what you do, what your job entails and the process. I left your mortuary feeling positive that any family you help in this business can be 100% sure that their loved ones will be treated with honor. What you do for these families in hard times is amazing, especially during difficult times.

...thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help our learning process—Nathalie

I’d like to thank you for allowing our class to visit your family-owned mortuary services. I admired the way you treated your client with empathy and respect. I will let friends and family know about the outstanding services your company provides—Cristina

...for allowing us to come visit and view the funeral preparation process. We appreciated your sense of humor as well as your gentle care and respect for the deceased.—Jasmni

...for allowing our class to visit your mortuary. It was an amazing experience that I will always treasure as part of my social work education at Cal State Long Beach. More than anything, I noticed the time, care and consideration that goes into your work. Thank you for all you do to serve people, families and employees with human dignity and respect.—Sal

...for having me observe your work. I truly appreciate that care and kindness you display while performing your work. It’s comforting to know there are professionals such as yourself who view your work as a “helper” rather than just a job.—David

...for inviting my class to learn about the incredible work you and your staff do. You showed me that families can feel confident that their loved ones will be treated with care, respect and compassion. I feel glad knowing your business is part of my community.—Sara

...for taking the time speak to us and teach us so very much about what you do. I have so much respect for all that you and your staff do for families. I certainly feel more prepared to assist others in thinking about what they would want after they pass.—Jennifer

...for giving us the opportunity to learn and observe your profession. I am grateful to gain a better understanding and if I ever need your services, I will be contacting you for your expertise. I wish you the best in life and thank you again.—Stephanie

...for your services to our community. Your tact and grace shouldn’t go unrecognized. I would be happy to put one of my loved ones in your hands.—Grecia

...for allowing us to better understand what you do with loved ones who have passed away. I admired the amount of respect you demonstrated throughout our visit.—Stacey

I appreciated giving me the opportunity to learn from you. I feel more prepared to help future clients related to death and dying. In addition, I had a conversation with my mother about her final arrangement wishes after the mortuary visit and I know how to take care of my mom.—Ryan

...for opening your service up so that I could get a glimpse into the vital work that you do. You provided me with tips that I could use in my social work practice.—Jackie

...for opening you business to us. I learned so much from that experience. I think the most important lesson I learned was that the ceremony (cremation or burial) is very important for the grieving process of the family. I think you are so brave for opening up to a whole classroom about your family history. Thank you for your humor.—Wendy

...for giving us the opportunity to visit your mortuary home. This was a unique experience that was very informative. I have much respect for the work you do and thank you for the service you provide.—Erika
DeniseKen, I want to thank you and your staff for going above and beyond for my father’s service. I am forever grateful for the way you and your staff conducted his final day to rest in peace. He would have been very proud how smooth and professional everything was handled. I wish you and my father would have come in contact many years ago. I feel he would have had an impact on you. At his service I saw what you had accomplished with just a few pointers he had given you. He was very old-school and it was always the families who came first. I feel in my heart that no one will ever be able to fill my father’s shoes. He was one-of-a-kind. He will forever be missed. Thank you again, as no words can express what you did for my father.
Spring Social Work 2016Ken, thank you for sharing this unique experience and knowledge.—Rosa

Thank you for taking the time to show us around. You are a ray of sunshine in the sometimes dark profession. Thank you for doing one of the most important jobs we need.—Vanessa

Thank you for such an incredible opportunity. Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts with us.—Andrea

Thank you for your partnership in this course. Not many would be so open to share their time and experiences with us.—Tammy

Thank you very much for your time and your answers.—Derik

Thank you for your generosity, and sharing this part that goes behind the scenes. I appreciate your personality!—Antonio

Thank you for your time, your humor and knowledge. Thank you for the work that you do!—Aliza

Thank you for taking the time to educate us about your profession. It was a unique and very informative experience.—Nayely

Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences, knowledge and amazing sense of humor with all of us! I learned so much and am now feeling more comfortable speaking about death.—Rosemary

We’d like to use this opportunity to thank you very much for allowing us to visit your mortuary. Your contribution to our learning, generosity and willingness to teach us are appreciated very much beyond our words. We have learned so much from you and your very valuable experience which we cannot have in our classroom setting. Again, thank you with great appreciation.—Cleo

Thanks for educating us on the process after death. I learned a lot and admire the work that you do. Thank you for opening your doors to our class.—Marissa

Thank you for your time and for educating us about the process after death.—Joanne
VickiThe twins that helped at the service and gravesite were thoughtful, helpful and supportive. Ken was at the planning meeting and the followed up calls were fantastic.
LoriMy dad was a veteran and I truly appreciated all of the extra help needed with processing the documents. You guys made everything go so smoothly and it did not go unnoticed. Thank you, so much!
BrisciaThank you for all of your service. We truly feel that you felt our needs and didn’t try to make us feel uncomfortable with our financial situation. All of you were caring and very sincere. In the future, we will recommend our friends and family to you.
Larry and KimKen McKenzie’s guidance, suggestions and personal attention to detail are much appreciated. His sense of humor helped us through a tough time and he made the entire experience as painless as possible. Thank you again, Ken!
AnonymousThank you for your kind professionalism and well-placed humor!
DavidI want to give special thanks to the gentleman who picked up my mother after she passed. He was professional and handled my mother in a very dignified manner and I will always remember him and McKenzie because of his actions. I only wish I knew his name. His actions gave me great comfort at a time when I most needed it. Thank you!
AnonymousOur family has used your services three times, and I have done pre-planning as well. Everyone is compassionate and kind. Things are thoroughly explained and costs are reasonable. It’s about the people, not the money!
CynthiaThank you for taking charge when I was unable to make decisions. I appreciate your light, but caring manner.
Dave, Janet and KenThank you for taking such wonderful care of our mom. With much appreciation and respect, thanks again.
AnonymousDear Ken, thank you very much for offering the best possible service throughout this difficult time. Your kindness, understanding and willingness to adjust to constant changes meant the world to me. You have made a devastating situation bearable. I was wary of seeing my dad in a coffin, but you made him look just the way he did when he was alive.
JoshuaWe can not be thankful enough with your services through this difficult time. Not only were you there to answer our questions and concerns, but you were also our guide into what questions to ask and what to say in Mexico as well. Ken, you are amazing at what you do because we can tell you do it with your heart and soul.
EvettKen is amazing. Having never planned a service or lost a parent, this was a totally new experience. Ken made everything simple and easy to understand; not to mention he’s funny as heck! My whole experience was amazing and I appreciate everyone’s assistance.
MichelleI’ve been meaning to write to you. My road has been a very curvy one but, I’m doing better now. You created a wonderful showing of John Solone and I was very pleased how peaceful he looked. I’ve never seen work like yours. You are an incredible person and artist. I was afraid to see him, but it worked out. It was good for me to see him. Thank you!
Family of Duaine HoveThank you so much for all your help getting Duaine to Arlington. It was his dream and one of his duties in the Navy was to escort the remains of our service men to Arlington, so this had special meaning to all his family. We all are very appreciative of all McKenzie has done to help us at this difficult time. Arlington’s attention to detail was flawless and beautiful. It has been definitely decided when my time comes you will be handling my cremation and making arrangements for Arlington.
Karen, Janet, Barb and SusanWe just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how truly thankful we are. Also, we really want you to keep doing things for us. Thank you for loving us as much as we love you. You have made each of us laugh at a time when there would be rivers of tears; this rings out how bonded together we are as a family and you have tied the knot. Thank you!
Fall Social Work 2016Once again, your presentation was awesome! Thank you again and talk to you soon!—Steve

Thank you so much for allowing our group to come spend time with you and get a glimpse at what you do. The love and compassion, attempt at understanding, attention to detail and genuine care that you put into the services you provide was so obvious to everyone in the room. Thank you again for this opportunity—Rachel

Thank you for taking the time to share your work with us. It was very informative and it will help me educate my clients on after-life planning.—Eunice

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. You have made me much more comfortable personally and professionally in addressing the topic of death.—Carolyn

Thank you so much for letting us see and experience a taste of what you do. It was very informative and interesting and really changed my mind on what mortuaries are like. Thanks for the free book regarding what a “disaster pouch” was.—Kirsten

Thank you for sharing your story and your profession with the class. I enjoyed your sense of humor and the way you honor the dead!—Iona

I really enjoyed that you were blunt and authentic with us. It was so refreshing to hear you speak from the heart and use profanity appropriately. This is a very difficult topic for me to think about and you made it accessible to me in a way others have not.—Alex

Thank you very much for welcoming us into your mortuary. It was a very informative visit. I appreciate your humor and your personality!—Ashley

Thank you so much for being open and honest with our class. I was so nervous leading up to coming because when I am faced with anything sad, uncomfortable or traumatic, my natural defense is to laugh. Your sense of humor and honesty made me feel at home and comfortable. You are truly one of a kind and your heart is amazing.—Taleen

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with our class. Your humor and comfort with death helped me feel so much more at ease surrounding death. You made the experience very positive.—Janie

Thank you for taking the time to experience such a life changing moment with us. Your humor made it easier to talk about death and we thank you for that.—Allen

I just wanted to thank you for educating me regarding your mortuary and services. I now feel like I can help others and you also work up an interest in me as I am interested in anatomy.—Marlene

Thank you for a memorable experience. You definitely changed my stigma on morticians. I wished I learned the information beforehand. I admire your passion and especially your wonderful personality. Thank you for doing a job that you love and most people avoid.—Tammy

Thank you for your hospitality and kindness shown to our class last Monday. It was definitely an experience that I will never forget! Your humor was refreshing to hear.—Del

Thank you for allowing us to come into your mortuary. It was a very fulfilling experience that will always remain with me.—Sophia

I wanted to thank you for opening up your facility to us. I enjoyed your story, presentation, the tour and up-close and personal relationship with the deceased. I was so excited to see what goes into preparing for the funeral service. I’m a science geek and was a former pre-nursing student. I had flashbacks of my time in my classes spending endless hours volunteering. Thank you for the wonderful experiences and I hope I may keep in contact with you. I enjoyed it all and I was so ecstatic to tell others of my experience.—Sophia

I must share with you that from the beginning of the semester, the mortuary visit was the class I was most excited to go to. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but your presentation was more than what I could’ve asked for. I appreciate your time and all that you shared with us.—Sandra

Your use of profanity was so cool! That really helped me relate to you! Thank you for sharing your personal story and making us laugh so much! I almost forgot we were at a mortuary at one point. This trip is something I’ll remember for the rest of my days.—Becky

I just wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for your time, knowledge and your thoughtfulness during the mortuary visit. I can easily see how passionate you are about this field as any professional should be. Your sense of humor in collaboration with your gentle manner is something that I enjoyed. Thank you very much.—May

Thank you for the great learning experience! You’re 100 percent authentic. Thank you for supporting our community—José

Thank you so much for having us at your mortuary. I can honestly say that I learned so much! But what impacted me the most was the way you do your job with so much love and detail. I love how you make everything so special and unique for your clients and how you invite them to take pat of the process every step of the way. You reminded me how important it is to never lose our heart in our work and to always be considerate and caring, no matter how many times we feel like we’ve encountered the same situation. I believe I will go to McKenzie Mortuary for my own self and family sometime in the future.—Diana

Thank you so much for having us at your mortuary. This experience really helped me so much to be more comfortable with death. For some reason, I felt less anxious about passing away some day after I heard your talking. You are great!—Liliana

Thank you so much for inviting us to your mortuary and providing such an educational experience. The work you do is so difficult and meaningful. The families you assist are fortunate to have a mortician as compassionate, genuine and caring as you. You have opened my eyes to the profession and I am very grateful for it.—Ernie

Thank you for the generosity of your time and showing us around your mortuary business last Monday. The information you shared will help me as a future social worker. Thank you for your generous service to the city of Long Beach.—Elizabeth

Thank you for speaking to us and showing us your beautiful establishment. Personally, I’d like to thank you for your honesty and overall “realness.” I have close friends who deal with their losses with humor, so it was so great to see that others do the same. It brought me peace.—Evelyn

Thank you so much for spending your evening educating all of us future social workers about what you do at the mortuary. I went in feeling scared because I had never been to a mortuary before, but I left with a wealth of knowledge. It definitely takes a special person to do the work you do and I would definitely feel comfortable with you taking care of me or my family members when we die.—Joanne

Thank you so very much for opening your doors to all of us. You truly taught each of us a great deal about the life and dignity involved in end-of-life decisions. I greatly respect the work you do. Thank you again for all the wisdom shared and honesty.—Jill

Thank you for being so generous and kind. Your humor is amazing. I’m so proud of everything you have accomplished. You are a genius. Your dad would be so proud!—Ann

I was so moved by your words. Something I keep going back to is when you shared your theory about us currently experiencing death in our present life and that when we pass, that is when we are truly alive. If that is true, I plan to do all I can in this life in order to minimize suffering for others as much as possible.—Nadia

Thank you for showing us and talking to us about your wonderful mortuary mortuary. It was refreshing to meet a fun, sarcastic, funeral director. Keep up the great work. You’re doing a kick-ass job!—Lindy

Thank you so much for welcoming us into your facility. It really was a great experience. I feel really lucky that I was able to experience this. It will be helpful for my future career as well as a my own family.—Josselyn

I was really scared about this assignment/visit but you really shifted my perspective about end of life decisions/planning. Thank you for being transparent and honest. Above all, thank you for being you, regardless of what people think!—Betty
JulianaI will say again, thank you for such a great service for our mother. Mr. McKenzie, you and your staff took care of everything for my family!
SarahThank you so much for your services. I will definitely refer you to my friends.
MarkWe so appreciate your generous support. We could never have a great day of education like this without your contribution!
MargaretEverything about your service was easy and convenient. The people who work for you are unbelievably courteous and patient.
LindaI want to thank you for your kindness and unending support during this difficult time during my mom’s passing in March, 2016. Your kind and warm words were really heartfelt and gave me such comfort with my being located in New York State. Your tender and gentle words and kind voice really gave me such confidence knowing you were taking such good care of my mom. This really meant the world to me. You were such a great help from the start with basic financial planning to the end phase for preparation for my mom’s final resting place. Thank you for your great support.
WillieWe appreciate all of the professionalism and care you gave our family during this difficult time. Ken, you ae a gift! You and your staff really had a huge impact on the process!
ConstanceYour staff has been so kind to me. Thank you for your service.
Spring Social Work 2016Ken, your presentation was phenomenal! You were awesome, as usual. Thanks again, and I will see you in the fall.—Steve

Thank you, Ken! You really helped make the experience not as gruesome and scary as I thought it would be. I really appreciate that you took the time to educate us and give us really helpful information about the process for end-of-life care. I know this is going to help me in my career as a social worker.—Anita

Thank you for taking the time and effort to provide this learning experience for us! I have to say, I truly admired your honesty in sharing with us about your past. I also appreciated how open you were about your experiences and the occasional “f-bomb” you dropped. I enjoyed my time with you and wish you continued success in the future.—Chris

Thank you for the learning opportunity! I can honestly say that my perception changed when it comes to thinking about the work that you do and what it means to the families. I am glad families have a place to start the grieving process and a place to celebrate their loved ones.

Thank you very much for all of your information. I appreciate it!—Timothy

Your energy was amazing and I learned so much about you and what you do for a living. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me and the rest of my classmates.—Lidia

Ken, you do amazing work! Thank you for adding to my learning experience. Thank you for being open, honest and vulnerable. Honestly, I never thought about the death industry prior to this visit. However, you gave such great insight and clarity. You do tough work, and I’m aware of how busy your mind and thoughts may be. Thank you.—Drena

Thank you so much, Ken! You were absolutely amazing and very open during this visit. This was a great eye-opening experience and you helped me debunk creepy myths I used to have. Also, it has helped me start the conversation of death-care plans with my family. Keep doing what you do—it’s a work of art!—Daisy

Your down-to-earth attitude and honesty made this visit easier than I had expected it to be. You made death seem and feel not so scary. Every thing you shared with us was fascinating and will help me help someone else in the future. I thank you.—Yvette

You really changed my perspective about morticians and mortuaries. I felt uneasy about going and seeing a deceased body, but you made it really comfortable. I’m so glad I went. You are great at what you do. Thank you for sharing that with us.—Sara

Thank you for making us feel so comfortable and welcoming. I especially appreciate your stories.—Esteban

I really appreciate your open and welcoming approach. It made a difficult subject more human.—Laura

Your humorous, yet reverent outlook on death and the undertaking process was so refreshing. Thank you for your passion and clear love for what you do. It really helps to displace a lot of fears concerning death and the undertaking process. You are dearly appreciated!—Yauren

Thank you so much for having us. It was very insightful and educational. I appreciate that you took time to meet with us. I definitely feel more at ease about death. You are amazing!—Erika

I can’t thank you enough for allowing us to enter into your world! The visit to your mortuary has added so much to my learning experience. Your sense of humor allowed me to see death as a path of life instead of something to run away from; thank you for that!—Selene

Thank you so much for allowing us to witness what you do Also, I appreciated your humor. It made the experience very pleasant and personable.—Sonia
MichelleI wanted to personally thank you for everything that you did for me during the loss of my dad. You honestly made it very simple to make decisions during this hard time. I appreciate you and what you do. You run a fantastic business and if anything happens to my family out in California, I will be giving you a call. Thank you once again for everything and my father’s wishes will be fulfilled because of you. If you ever come to Dallas let us know 🙂
KarenThank you for the wonderful conversation. It started my day off much better than it would have without it. You are the best!
RoxanneWords cannot begin to describe the immense gratitude my family and I have for your help with arranging my father’s service and cremation. He died unexpectedly in a horrible place and it brought us all peace that we could celebrate the good things he offered this world. I cannot thank you enough for guiding my brother, tending to my mother’s wishes and bringing me comfort as we worked through the arrangements. I see death unfortunately more than I would like where I work but I am dedicated to fight for the cause to cure cancer. As you know, losing a parent is a whole different ball game. You were a very big blessing to us and I wanted to make sure you knew how much we appreciate you.
RachelI just had to let you know one more time how much I appreciated all that you did to take care of our family during the shocking events of my father’s death a few weeks ago. I’ve had a few experiences with this process, but none as caring, soothing and streamlined as yours. You are a credit to the industry and profession, as well as being an all-around good guy.
MelissaThank you for all your support and professionalism during this time. I truly could not have made it through this without your help!
AnonymousThank you so very much for making this difficult process for us easier. We’re forever grateful!
PattiI can’t express in words how you took care of me at a very low time in my life. Thank you, so much. My whole family expressed this to me and wanted to pass this along to your entire staff. Thanks again for your care and concern!
JillThank you for all your help after the death of my sister. It was so good to have someone cheerful and mater-of-fact to field my questions and to quickly answer phone calls.
MelissaThank you for all your support and professionalism during this time. I truly could not have made it through this without your help!
KHThank you for your joy
For your smile
For the work you do
For the silent gifts you give
For being open to love
For sharing the who of you.
Jo AnnThank you for your birthday card. I got a good laugh from it! I tell all my friends the fantastic service you handled for my husband and son. I am sure you will handle my arrangements when the time comes as well!
SharynThank you again for being so kind about my mother’s urn. I am very happy with it. It is stylish; one she may well have chosen for herself, had we come in together.
NoëmiThanks a lot for your service for my husband. The day was difficult for me and my three little ones, but you made it perfect, and your associate was caring and professional.
JeanWe thank you for your assistance, compassion and support during the very difficult time of my dad’s passing. I especially enjoyed our talks. And when I reflect on those days, I see them with humor. That is probably my best memory of our meetings and planning; finding laughter in the middle of loss. Dad would have liked that! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

P.S. Loved the books!
AnikaThank you for all you have done to make me feel like family and making up for the “misdirection” by accommodating us with the special printed cards. It was very much appreciated.
JoyceThank you for being a special person and for helping us so much. We truly appreciate your staff for making it easier for all of us.
AnonymousWords cannot express what you did for our family. Our mother looked so beautiful and rested. She looked like her old self before our brother and son passed away. The pain of sorrow was gone. We were in awe; we had to take a photo. Being in the business I used to say, “Why would anyone want to take a photo of their loved on in a casket?” Now that the tables were turned and we were on the other side, we couldn’t resist taking one of mom. We looked at her and we knew without even looking at a photo how to prepare her exactly the way we wanted.

Your facility was so warm and with the angels all around mom, it was like this was the place she wanted to be. It was very comforting for all of us. Your staff was so kind to our family; watching out for dad the day we came to make arrangements. While dad was talking to your employees, not one of them walked away. They all sat there listening to what dad had to say. The day I came to pay the bill, tears came rolling down. Sande heard me and asked if there was anything she could do She went and brought dad and me some water. Little things like that can really comfort a family.

Ken, thank you and your staff so much for caring for our mother. In your heart, you have a special gift. Now I see why you chose to go into this type of industry.
AnonymousWe came to your mortuary for both of our parents and found excellent services and professional staff.
AnonymousWe were very thankful for the breakdown of the costs of the various options we had. Even though we had a tight time frame, our counselor gave us one day to talk to our family about the options. We appreciated not being pushed into one option or another.
CatherineBecause the death of my boyfriend was so unexpected, money was a big issue. If we had not been referred to McKenzie, I don’t know how we would have been able to have any type of service.

Mr. McKenzie was such a big help. Along with his staff, we were able to have a very dignified service. I could not have been more pleased with it. Thank you so much for your help and understanding.
VetaYou are a blessing from the sky. Words cannot explain how we appreciate your and your staff, and how you took away the burden of making phone calls to find a church, contacting insurance companies and directing us to the right places. You really went out of your way to help us. From the motor escort service from Long Beach to Glendale to Carlos’ assistance with bringing my mother into the church. These are memories that will stay with me for a very long time.
David & ZacharyWe wish to express our heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for the exceptional service you provided for our mother. She looked absolutely beautiful, and not like someone who had been so very ill the last two months of her life. We know she was smiling. You provided the best of service for our father as well five years ago and your care for the customer continues to show. We will continue to recommend your services to others as your reputation is golden!
EricI would like to thank McKenzie Mortuary for their help and their concern when it came time to have my wife’s services. Things were done in a timely manner and the staff was very kind in helping us through a very difficult time in our lives.
PamelaWords cannot express how grateful we are that you came into our lives. The loss of my brother-in-law was a sudden and painful shock. Having him and my sister out of the country left me not knowing where to turn or how to proceed.

I would like to thank you for your kindness, support and professional handling of all the things I didn’t even know had to be taken care of. Your attention to the details with such kindness and concern to make things go smoothly was greatly appreciated.

Saying thank you doesn’t really feel adequate to express my gratitude for all you’ve done. We all feel you went above and beyond with all your service, even down to helping pick the perfect flowers. Your comfort, compassion and grace were truly appreciated.

At our time of loss, we appreciate having found you. As my brother-in-law would have said, it was the luck of his Irish that brought us to you.
KathleenThank you for your kindness during such a tragic time in my family. My gratitude to you for taking care of my sister cannot be expressed with words.
KarenWe recently received the evaluation form for services performed by the staff at your mortuary after my mother passed away. We feel that returning this simple form could never have described your compassion during a very difficult time for our family, so I wish to send this about our experience.

From the first phone conversation from our home in Connecticut to our initial meeting in your office, and throughout the entire process, we could not have asked for more help or guidance. There was no request of your staff too small or insignificant. You were so helpful in arranging to have photos enlarged and set up in the foyer and church. Your staff graciously set up the reception area with tables, tablecloths, chairs, flowers, photographs and directions to the cemetery for the graveside service. You had so many wonderful suggestions to personalize the reception such as providing a place for family and friends to write memories of my mom for us to read and to enjoy later. As an added bonus, you arranged for my mom’s death certificate to be quickly processed and had sent someone in person to pick up the copies so we could begin to notify various banks and agencies to begin to address her estate. We felt you went above and beyond usual mortuary services and we are most grateful to you and to your staff. We would be happy to share our experience and recommend your mortuary to anyone.
FayThis note is so overdue, but I wanted you to know how grateful I am to you. You were so kind and generous to me and I will never forget it. The headstone for my husband is beautiful and looks great as well as the flag. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you when I picked up my little bear, but it is darling and the rose was special and lasted for serval days. Thank you!
AnaThank you so much for the most beautiful service we received for my husband It could not have been better.
PilaWe are so blessed and grateful for your services that you provided for us during the loss of our mother. We truly appreciate you and your employees for the professional work you’ve done. A special thanks to those who helped to dress up our mother, the make up artist and for escorting our mother to Glendale. It was an awesome job. We highly recommend your business to the public.
Summer Social Work 2015We are so blessed and grateful for your services that you provided for us during the loss of our mother. We truly appreciate you and your employees for the professional work you’ve done. A special thanks to those who helped to dress up our mother, the make up artist and for escorting our mother to Glendale. It was an awesome job. We highly recommend your business to the public.

I really enjoyed listening to your stories and hearing about your experiences. You are very personable and your sense of humor really made the experience even better. I definitely learned a lot!—Janaé

You made a difference in 44 students’ lives! Your presentation was simply awesome!—Steve

Thank you for inviting our class to visit your mortuary. Our trip was so rich with new knowledge and was extremely enlightening. I was so appreciative of your warm spirit. You’ve made such a difficult topic an approachable one. Thank you for a wonderful evening and for contributing to our learning.—Kristen

It was a privilege and an honor to visit your facility. Thank you so much for your hospitality.—Todd

I appreciate your time and service you do for families. It was a good experience for a social worker.—Catalina

I will carry the experience with me always. Thank you, so much for making it such an impactful experience.—Vanessa

Thank you for making my visit to your mortuary such a memorable experience. You helped me get over my fears.—Cassandra

Thanks for the great experience; what a sense of humor!—Janice

Thank you so much for allowing us to understand what you do for a living. It truly changed my perspective.— Evelyn

Thank you for your time! I really enjoyed learning about your mortuary! — Kaula

Mr. McKenzie, Thank you so much for taking time and having patience with us. I learned a lot, especially about green burial. We appreciate the thoughtfulness you demonstrated with grieving facilities.— Michelle

Thank you for sharing your time and experience in your field. — Carrie

Ken, Thank you for the great experience. You definitely shed light on the mortuary rumors.— Joe

Thank you for your time. You are doing an amazing job!— Brueler

Ken, Thank you so much for your kindness and time given to our class. and to educate us about the industry. You showed us your humor and your compassion. It changed my view about death. — Sarah

Thank you so much for taking the time to met with us. — Maritzavila

Thank you for everything you shared with us. It was an amazing experience! — Megan

Ken, Your presentation was awesome and inspirational. Thank you!— Steve

Thank you so much for an incredible educational experience. It was great insight into the industry.— Tovana

Thank you for your time and insight. It was a great learning experience. — Jena

Ken, your presentation and time was appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to teach us. It was truly an unforgettable experience. — Suzanne

Thank you for the wonderful experience! You have a passion for what you do and it shows. Thanks for de-mystifying the whole experience. — Sonia

Thank you so much for being so welcoming and teaching us about the death industry. I learned so much from you. Thanks for answering all of our questions as well!. — Emma

Dear Mr. McKenzie, It was truly an amazing experience. Thank you for your time, dedication, candor and commitment to helping the deceased and bereaved families. I was awestruck by your genuine nature and your fun personality. I only hope that my family is treated with the same dignity and respect that you demonstrate. — Jessica

Thank you for the wonderful experience! You have a passion for what you do and it shows. Thanks for de-mystifying the whole experience. — Sonia

Thank you for allowing us to witness a mind-blowing experience! It will stay with me for a long time. I really enjoy what you do for families. — Peter
Sonny & HeidiThank you for your kindness. Having our baby in a beautiful urn filled our hearts with comfort. Thank you for making our experience a sweet one.
NancyIn 1980, I had pre-paid at Forest Lawn of Glendale for my own services, but I will recommend your services to my clients around Long Beach. I have many friends because I’m a social worker. The compassion you showed to me and to my husband is something you can’t buy at any price. Thanks a lot!
Mary-HelenWe met with Kenneth the day after mom’s death. We were able to laugh and kid around and just celebrate her life. Kenneth was exactly what we all needed! McKenzie’s was a perfect fit for us!
KevinMy family and I want to thank everyone at McKenzie for your compassion and professionalism. It also made it easier for us that you are able to work with Riverside National Cemetery. The ceremony at the cemetery was everything we hoped for.
Shelly, Rich & AndyThis is something I thought I would never have to write. I still can’t believe that my daughter is gone. I want to give you just a little glimpse of the amazing person she was and what she meant to us. She was such a special person. She was beautiful, funny, caring, loving and always looking out for the underdog. This world is a better place because she was in it. She was the most compassionate person I knew and many times she taught me compassion herself. I was proud to be her mom. We loved her so much and knowing she was in your caring hands, her last days on this world meant everything to us. You made a very difficult time just a bit easier. We are so grateful for you and the care you took of our girl. Your gift to us can never be repaid. We consider you a friend and a part of our family.
DebbieI just wanted to thank you and your team, especially Kimberly Worl, with my mother’s affairs. It’s all so overwhelming and Rose Hills was giving me no help. When I mentioned this to Kimberly, she handled all the arrangements for me. I can’t tell you how much my family and I appreciate it all!
MasawayThank you for everything you did to help our family during our time of need. We are forever grateful for all your services and for being with us on the day of the funeral. The urn was awesome! I’m sure my dad is smiling down on us. What you do is amazing. Keep up the good work!
ErickaI want to let you know just how much appreciated all of your kindness and special attention you gave to our family. I am forever grateful for your wonderful spirit. You went the extra mile for my son, and words cannot express my gratitude.
Tana LynnYou did an outstanding job getting my mom home and making her look good. You did everything you said you would and kept me informed. Thank you from me and my family.
Fall Social Work 2014Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn so much about funerals, death and dying. I really appreciated your professionalism and respect towards others. Thank you for sharing your own experiences with us. You’ve impacted our lives in so many ways. — Amber

Thank you, Ken! I appreciate your work and professionalism. I learned so much! — Karina

Thank you for such a rare and authentic experience. The entire visit was so informative and educational. We appreciate all the good you do for the death-care industry. — Adriana

Thank you, Ken for sharing such a great learning opportunity with us. I admire your strength and professionalism! — Heather

Thank you for allowing us to visit the mortuary. Your work and contributions are very valuable. — Paula

Thank you so much for this experience. I left with a sense of comfort and reassurance. I appreciate your genuine compassion for the work. I love the calendars too! — Bridgit

Thank you so much for making time to educate us on your career and the things that led you to where you are now. I enjoyed the way in which you spoke about the mortuary industry, full of passion. I also am appreciative to the family who agreed to make this experience possible for us. I could tell you are really great with people and I think you could totally be an MSW (a good one too!) if you wanted to. — Leslie

Ken, Thank you very much for opening your doors to our class. Your compassion and spirit really showed our class the importance of your work. — Jacob

Mr. McKenzie, Thank you for providing such a wonderful service to the community. Additionally, thank you for allowing our class to be a part of this experience. You’re amazing! — Yvonne

Ken, thank you so much for allowing us to have a very unique and educational opportunity at your mortuary. This experience gave us a chance to better understand your business. But most of all, it taught me how to become a great social worker. Thank you for your dedication. — Carla

Ken, thank you so much for allowing our class to visit. I admire how passionate and respectful you are about the work you do. Thank you for being so open with us. — Yesmina

Ken, thank you so much for a wonderful educational experience! — Linda

Thank you for letting our class come to your mortuary. You provide a valuable service to our community. Thank you for everything you do and for the respect and dignity in which you conduct yourself. — Andrea

Ken, you’re an amazing instructor and the class was overwhelmed with gratitude!— Steve

Visiting your mortuary has been eye-opening. Thank you for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see what you do. I respect and appreciate all you and your staff have to deal with. I learned so much! Thanks! — Tracey
RichardI just wanted to say “thank you” for making this transition for our family a pleasant one. Your kind actions meant a lot.
Reba & EverettI sincerely appreciate your generosity in donating the use of your caskets for our Day of the Dead Fundraiser and Dance. The event was a huge success due to, in large part, your participation. Seeing you at the book signings is wonderful. Please let’s get together sometime soon!
Maylene, Linday & Clyde Thank you for doing what you do with such compassion. You are true angels on earth!
DonnaI called at my husband’s urging when my husband was very sick and was going into hospice care. My husband wanted his cremation paid for prior to his passing. When I spoke with Ken about this, Ken said, “Stop calling other funeral homes, and just spend the last days with your husband, holding his hand and telling him that you love him, and then when the time comes, call us, and we would take care of everything.” This was the best and most loving advice I could have received. I did just what Ken suggested and when the time came, I made the call and everything was taken care of, just like Ken had promised.
SusanI want to show great appreciation for all you have done. You really made a painful and difficult time in my life a little easier. You all have great personalities. I would like to thank you for showing such sympathy. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.
VeronicaWords can never express how grateful I am for you. Thank you, Kimberly; I appreciate you with all of my heart and soul. I’m so happy to know my grandmother was with you. It brings peace to my heart and mind. It was so beautiful. Thank you for the copy of the video as well.
ArminI want to thank you for your help when it was very much needed. You handled the arrangements for our son. As you know, we live in Rochester, New York. When we called people around in your area, a nice woman who knew of you gave us your telephone number. She thought you would be the one to handle what we needed and wanted and could afford...

...and you WERE!

Thank you for your guidance, kindness and professional help. Everything went smoothly and your help was greatly appreciated.
PamI just wanted to say thank you for arranging such a beautiful memorial for my friend. It was a perfect day at sea last Saturday to say our good-byes, and every detail was special. I am sorry that we did not get to meet that day personally after all the phone calls and emails. Again, thanks to you and to all of your help during this time. It has been much appreciated.
DebbieI wanted to congratulate you on your new book, Over Our Dead Bodies, Undertakes Lift the Lid. What an exciting thing to have happen in your life. That’s way cool!
JenniferI want to thank you for the important donation you provided during the memorial service for Chief Warrant Officer Daniel Thomas on August 25, 2014. Together, we observed this final tribute to our shipmate, who embodied our core values of honor, respect and devotion to duty during his 27 years of service to our nation.

Your involvement made a tremendous contribution to the success of the reception. In particular, I want to thank you for donating the guest book on display during the reception. Removing this burden from the family proved to be invaluable as they were able to shift their focus elsewhere. Your gracious support to the family during this tough time did not go unnoticed. With your efforts, we provided a fitting tribute to the Chief and demonstrated the unity and support the Coast Guard has in honoring his service and sacrifice.

Thank you again for the thoughtful contribution and your enduring support for our nation’s fallen heroes.
Jo EllenJust a short note to say thank you for everything you did to help me with my uncle’s garments. I couldn’t have done it without you. Also thank you for the books. How thoughtful that was, and I will read them and think of you. Thanks again for everything.
Bonnie, Carrie & ToddThis is a very belated thank you for all that you provided us at the time of our father’s death. We found you and your staff to be very caring and helpful. I felt you were very sensitive to our needs and you made several good suggestions; one of which was to have his burial on Father’s Day. I must tell you that Captain Miller and his wife Diane made that day a beautiful and meaningful experience. Their boat was lovely, and it turned out to be a very positive experience for our family. Thank you from all of us!
MelindaFor the past three years I knew my dad was eventually going to pass away. But nothing can actually prepare you for when that time comes. We had completed a will and trust and got all finances in order before he passed. However, we failed to choose a memorial location. When we were suggested your location, we were so pleased because we live right across the street.

The day my husband came in to talk about services, your staff was so accommodating. The service was set for two days after he had passed and the ceremony was perfect. My dad would have approved. His preparation looked great. My eight-year old son even asked if grampa was just sleeping. The experience we had with your facility has made the whole experience of my dad’s passing all that much easier.
ClaudiaI liked your website. In particular, the story of how Ken decided to start his own mortuary and the transparency of the costs in all the various services.
JoanneI am so sorry that this note of thanks is so late in coming. You told me the next few months would be hard and they have been. But when I think back to when I first contacted you about my husband’s death, I knew I was in good hands. Your services are so caring and personal. The venue you helped me choose for his memorial service, the floral arrangements, the officiant, the supplying of the video equipment, calling me frequently to update me and guiding me in making decisions; everything and everyone made the process so much easier to deal with. My sons and other family members were so impressed with your services and how nicely we were treated. Thanks for helping me get through those first few weeks. When someone is in shock, they don’t think clearly and need others to guide and direct them. You did just that. I couldn’t be more grateful.
KarenThank you for this opportunity to say, “thank you!” You have a very beautiful funeral home and you all made a sad time easier. Everyone’s kindness was greatly appreciated. I also appreciate that everyone was genuine and very caring. Thank you all for being there for me and my family.
Spring Social Work 2014Thank you for providing an educational experience. It was definitely a great way to learn. Thank you for your dedication in working with the deceased and their families. — Jessenia

Thank you for allowing us to have such a great learning experience. Your dedication and compassion is truly admired. — Lizette

Thank you for the amazing experience. It was very educational. Your dedication to what you do is inspirational. — Karin

Ken, your presentation was great as usual! A wonderful learning experience for the class. You made learning fun! — Steve

This visit has brought healing. — Trudy

Thank you for your humor and time. It is clear you love what you do. — Allison

Thank you for such an amazing learning experience and thank you for sharing your life with us. — Tina

Ken, it is truly appreciated that you gave us this opportunity to visit your business and share your knowledge. Thank you very much. — Miriam

Don’t change the outfit. It really helped us all relax and feel open to the experience. I would like you to be my funeral director! — Sherill

Thank you so much for providing us with the opportunity to experience this amazing process. — Alexandria

Thank you, Mr. McKenzie for changing my outlook on the death care industry. It was a totally positive experience. — Liz

Thank you so much for taking your time to show us around. You really changed my perception about the death care industry in a good way. I can see the passion in you and your staff. — Mary

Thank you for your gracious hospitality and sharing. — Sheila
AnonymousThe plans we made were for my husband of 35 years. I will miss him every day. When I picked up his ashes, it was difficult. However, the service was wonderful. You laid him to rest so beautifully. We were trying to get money together for the programs and the service. We are a blessed family because all of our friends helped. You may already know what it’s like to lose someone. Thanks to your help, you made the experience so wonderful and I am grateful for that. At our request, you waited until my daughter and I arrived before starting the service. Thank you so much!
AnonymousYou guys are all absolutely wonderful. I cannot express enough how thankful, blessed and comforted we were with Arturo. He was never pushy, and never acted like a salesman. I felt extremely comfortable like he genuinely felt for us and understood our needs. I never could have imagined what this process would be like, and I am so thankful to have been referred to your funeral home. You guys truly made an awful time easier to get through. We’ll be forever grateful!
RonI wanted to thank you and your employees again for the outstanding job you did in securing and performing my dad’s service. The service was everything that my dad wanted and it made all of us very proud and grateful. It could not have been possible without your personal attention and extreme sensitivity. Thank you, and God bless you!
DelphineThe gentlemen who came to my home from your office were very professional and courteous during the entire visit. They treated my husband’s body with dignity and respect as it was prepared for the transfer. I am very satisfied with your services. As long as you are running the show Ken, one can not expect better service or personality anywhere.
Marissa & Molly My sister and I cannot express how much we appreciate all you did and all you helped with during the planning of our dad’s funeral. Arturo was so kind, helpful, professional and respectful. It meant so much to during a time of grief and absolute cluelessness. Thank you all so much for everything!
DorothySuch a nice surprise—receiving a birthday card from you! My husband and I will be turning 89 (me before him) this year. Thank you so much!
Isla & Kim I want to thank you for all you did for my mother. I loved everything your staff did for us at the time.
TammiThank you for the wonderful arrangements you did for my good friend.
JenniferThank you for the lovely service you did. It was wonderful. Thanks again for everything.
Tom & Virginia Thank you so much for your kindness and consideration for our family during our mother’s loss. We appreciate your thoughtfulness.
PhilThank you very much for the wonderful service and for everything you did for the our family.
CatherineMany thanks for a beautiful service and the care you took with my mother. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.
Toni, Steve, Sharie & MollyAllen Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and help to our family during such a difficult time.
JennI would like to thank you so much for your patience and understanding at a time when it was hard for me and my daughter. You were so gracious, and you shared your story of loss with us. You gave us ideas and made us laugh. Everyone deals with loss differently. My husband’s service was beautiful and many people came. There was no drama, and you were there to help make sure that there wouldn’t be. I am glad we found you and I will share your services with friends and others. You are wonderful for doing all of this, because I certainly couldn’t. You certainly are one of God’s angels!
TonyaThank you for all that you have done for me. You are an awesome and caring human being. If the world had more people like you, it would be such a great world.
Linda & CleoOur family thanks you and your staff for the excellent and graceful service you provided in assisting after the passing of our mother. With gratitude and sincerity, we thank you!
Winter Social Work 2013Thank you for being so welcoming and making us all feel so comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. Although I was uncomfortable, I appreciate all that I learned from my experience. — Yesnia

I was left with a set of images that I won’t soon forget. I feel as though you’ve gained a certain freedom from maintaining a healthy relationship with death. Thank you for sharing the view through a window to a world I would have otherwise never seen. — George

Thank you so much for opening my eyes to a world not often explored by the living. I never would have experienced this otherwise. Your kindness and knowledge made a difference. — Kelsey

Thank you so much for taking your time to each us about the death care industry. I know that this experience will help me better work with families who have lost a loved one and clients facing death themselves. Thanks, again. — Emily

Many thanks for allowing our class to visit and for making us all feel welcome and comfortable. I would also like to thank you for the wonderful work that you do. — Teresa R.

Thank you so much for your kindness and for taking the time to share your world with us. Thank you or an unforgettable experience. — Noigail G.

I would like to thank you for the astonishing information you provided. — Tad

Thank you for hosting us and showing an important industry. — DZ

Thank you for the work you do and for the understanding you have for the people you serve; the passion and care you have for your profession is obvious. Thank you for a wonderful and educational experience! — Abby

Thank you or sharing your experience — Sandra

Thank you for letting our class visit your mortuary. Letting us watch you practice your work was a great learning experience. Although you’re not a social worker, you have empathy and understanding for your clients when they are at an emotional time of their life. — Liliana

Thank you for opening your doors and welcoming us into your mortuary. It was a great learning experience — Gabriel

Thank you for welcoming our class into your mortuary and guiding us through the meaningful steps of work that you do. We truly appreciate all you have given our class. Thank you! — Mellisa C.

Thank you for helping so many find meaning in their loss. Your own personal story is such an amazing inspiration in making sense in the face of tragedy. Thank you! — Mona C.

Thank you for arranging this for us. It was a unique experience to have. — Jasmin M.

Thank you so much for being willing to share your knowledge with us. Your authentic personality is infectious. This experience was invaluable and will make me a better social worker. Thank you for all you do! — Ashley

Thank you so much for taking the time from your busy schedule to host us, educate us and show us what giving dignity to the deceased looks like. — Stephanie

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to explain your profession. Given what you have allowed us to witness, we can better serve our communities. — Hector L.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I really appreciated your time about your business. I’ve started reading the book and I am really enjoying it. Thanks, so much! — Brittney

I like to take a brief moment to thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. I learned a lot from your experiences. — Ellara
CleoWe thank you and your staff for the excellent and graceful service you provided in assisting with the passing of our mother. With gratitude and sincerity, we thank you!
MarguriteI wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your birthday greeting. You had me cracking up! I was rocking with laughter. What a positive way to express a not-too-positive issue. Your advertising agency gets kudos for their idea!
Tom On behalf of my family, I want to thank you and Sande for the outstanding and professional service you provided regarding funeral matters for my mother.

Under the circumstances of no prearrangements, and with the complications of transportation to Florida for burial, there were many opportunities for making mistakes, cutting corners and/or taking advantage of our family. Our experience was that your service was exceptionally attendant to detail and quality. No corners were cut, but no frill was pushed on us either. Although you had to establish new contacts on the Florida end, you did a great job both selecting them and insuring they “got the message” about your expectations of quality service....that was apparent when I talked with them, and was apparent in the arrangements on that end.

We also want to compliment you on your personal style and that of Sande. You both have a great balance between respectfulness for the events requiring your service, and the feelings of the family. With empathy, you convey that death happens and it’s something that can be dealt with in a simple and understandable way. I found your style and attentiveness to our needs outstanding and very comforting—we knew we could count on you.

All said, we were extremely happy with the service you provided. I wish you well in your future, and I believe it is bright. If I can ever be of service as a referral, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
AnonymousI felt so protected at at peace at your mortuary. Ken assisted us in a natural and pleasant atmosphere with love and kindness.
PauletteWords cannot express the thoughtfulness of the people who made my heart so thankful. I want to thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I truly appreciate it more than you know.
AnonymousYour organization was a tremendous help when my uncle passed away in a nursing home close to your mortuary. Your associate Don responded to my phone call immediately and I greatly appreciated his timeliness. Not only was I in a bit of shock, but I knew my uncle was still in his hospital bed and I felt like it was an urgent situation. Don’s demeanor could not have been better; he was very compassionate, efficient and professional. Before my uncle’s passing, I did a little research and some funeral services make it obvious that they are a "for profit" organization. Don’s sincerity and lack of upselling impressed me. I would recommend your organization to others for future reference should I need it.
MartyI just want to thank you and your staff for what you do. You make everything a little easier. Debbie’s service was beautiful and Carlos did a wonderful job!
Shelly & Farah Ken, Sande and all the staff at McKenzie’s: Thank you all for your help and great job to make our time easier for my dad!
MichaelOur family thanks you for your assistance in these difficult times.
P.S. Father Rain was wonderful! We enjoyed his service!
Rob & Lori On behalf of all of us, I would like to thank you again for all that you did to help us when we needed it most. The care, compassion and expertise that you provided to us and to our family enabled us to make the difficult decisions necessary at the time. We were able to leave our mother in your care knowing that she was in the hands of a compassionate and gentle person. We will always be very grateful to you.
SandyThe service was absolutely beautiful. From the beginning to the end, it was handled in the most professional way a veteran could deserve. We didn’t have to stress over anything. Thank you!
BarbaraThank you so much for helping Mom and Dad at their time of passing. Thanks to Jeff Hall for his meaningful words at their memorial. It meant so much to me and for the wishes of my parents.
Family of Fred GreenWe want you to know how much we appreciated all your help and guidance in planning the arrangements for our dad. Everyone we dealt with was so professional, but also very kind.

Please let Carlos know how much we appreciated all his help on the day of the service. He kept us on track time-wise and also made some really nice suggestions which gave our service so much more meaning. One of his suggestions was that each person attending the burial take a flower from a vase and place it on the casket. This gave everyone a chance to say a final good-bye. I could tell how much this meant to everyone.
SheilaSaying “thank you” isn’t adequate enough to express how grateful my entire family is to you and to your staff. I want to express our gratitude for your kindness and skill in handling the arrangements for my son’s viewing and cremation. I do take comfort in knowing we gave my son the best ending possible, thanks to you. I am glad his children and family will be left with that memory. It was comforting seeing him look at peace; he would have been pleased. It takes special people to do what you do.
LisaI wanted to thank you for helping me and my family through the toughest time of my life. You talked to me like a peer; not a customer. I appreciated that. I am still struggling with my mother’s death which I would imagine I should expect for some time. Thank you again.
DeniseThank you for everything! I’ve had three deaths in six months, the last being my mother’s. Your company was the easiest to deal with; much better than the two before. Thanks again!
Family of John PownallMy father passed away unexpectedly in the middle of the night at a rehab facility which gave us four hours to have him picked up. At 2 am, my daughter went on-line to see what mortuary worked with First Congregational Church of Long Beach. Thankfully she found McKenzie and we made arrangements. While on the way to Long Beach Saturday morning, we received a call from Mr. Don Donan telling us that he knew my father well from church and would take care of him like family. This was an unimaginable plus.

Your website allowed us to make the connection between McKenzie and the First Congregational Church. Already reeling from events of the night before, we were dreading the mortuary meeting. Don handled the meeting with our family on Saturday with great compassion and understanding. The arrangements were simple, straightforward and dignified. We could not have had a better experience. It’s a great comfort to know that when the time comes we will do exactly the same thing.
AnonymousI wanted to thank you for helping me and my family through the toughest time of my life (which I didn’t know until it came). You talked to me like a peer; not a customer. I appreciate that. I am still struggling with my mom’s death, which was expected for sometime. I appreciate your helping with the decision for my mom’s final resting place, Riverside, California.
SheliaSaying “thank-you” really isn’t adequate to express how grateful my entire family is to you and your staff. I want to express our gratitude for your kindness and skill in handling the arrangements for my son’s viewing and cremation. I do take comfort in knowing we gave my son the best ending possible, thanks to you. I am glad his children and family will be left with that memory. It was comforting seeing him look at peace. He would have been pleased. It takes special people to do what you do.
AnonymousI could not have been any more pleased, comforted or happy with the services that were provided. Ken was most accommodating with us during this trying time. Thank you for the bottom of my heart!
JenniMr. McKenzie was very kind and up-front with us. He never tried to sell us things we didn’t need. He took care of all the paperwork quickly and efficiently. I was very pleased with the service we received.
JoyceLet me start off by saying your motto of “Personal one-on-one Service” is the understatement of the year. When my mother passed away, I had been referred to you by a friend of mine after I had a bad experience with another mortuary. You picked up my mother and you made this statement to me: “Don’t worry, she is with me now and I will take care of her.”

At the service, she looked beautiful; her hair, makeup and even the slightest smile she had on her face. I can’t ever express my gratitude to you and your staff. They all have been so gracious and pleasant.
MaryI just want to say thank you for everything that you did for us. In regards to your professionalism at your mortuary, your staff was wonderful. My sister had nothing but praise for them. Thank you!
Summer Social Work 2013Thank you so much for opening your doors to us. It was truly a memorable experience which we all learned so much from. I now better understand an respect all that happens within a mortuary. — Cathy

Thanks so much for taking the time from your vacation to give us your presentation. I appreciate and respect the work you do, and thanks for the calendar! — Cecile

Thank you for allowing us to learn about your profession. It takes a special person to do such a unique job. — Lorena

Thank you for welcoming us and teaching us about the mortuary business. It was a great experience and has changed my viewpoints on what mortuaries do. I appreciate your time. Thank you! — Jenna

Thank you for a wonderful education experience. I learned so much ad have gained so much respect for your work. You hold many social work and social justice values which is really inspiring. You are a very special person and you have a wonderful gift. Thank you again for sharing it with us. — Carolyn

Thank you so much for explaining what services you provide to families. I have more respect for the death care industry. — Meagan

Thank you so much for sharing your time and provide us insight about your job and the responsibility that you are expected to fulfill. Your sense of humor enlightens the process and makes the information more intriguing. — Charlie

Thank you for a wonderful presentation. — Jessica

Thank you for your time. I learned so much and appreciated this opportunity. — Megan

Thank you for letting us pick your brain! Lots of respect for what you do. — Sam

Thank you for allowing our class into your business. It was eye-opening and made me appreciate the work that you and your staff do. Thanks for being honest with us. — Scott

Thank you for the wonderful learning opportunity. You opened my eyes to the funeral experience. It was a pleasure to see your professionalism and compassion. — Sandy

Thank you for a great experience! — Janice
SylviaOur family thanks for your service. It made our loved one’s passing a little easier.
MaryI just want to say thank you to you and to your staff for your professionalism and everything else you did for our family regarding my brother service. My sister had nothing but praise for your staff and the lady that helped her. The memory pamphlets were very nice too. Thank you!
HarryThank you for your help with my brother, Joseph.
SteveYour facilities were very welcoming, comfortable and not intimidating. I especially felt welcome from your staff. Everyone was completely kind, nice, pleasant and reassuring. It has been about 11 months since Thom died and I am still digging through the piles of correspondence and pieces of paper trying to wrap up and file his trust. I know I won’t be able to completely organize everything until I have more time after I retire next year. I remember getting this communication from you last fall and was pleased to rediscover it again so that I should thank you for everything you did to help me and Thom. I certainly would recommend your services in the future.
RosieI just want to say thank you for taking the time to work on my father’s marker. I cannot find the words to say just how beautiful it is and how impressed we were all with it. Your patience meant the world to me and I will never forget it. You made everything so much easier and I could not believe how fast it was finished. Your office staff—what can I say; Sandy is just so kind and professional. Ken, thanks so much. I can now have some peace within me.
CaroleFriday, Denise arrived home to me.

Oh Ken, I just don’t have the words to say all the things that are in my heart for you tonight. Our dear Lord truly had you in mind to take care of my baby for me. If it hadn’t been for you I don’t know what I would have done. You handled everything for me so professionally and with such kindness. I would never have been able to do all that.

The urn you chose was absolutely beautiful and perfect. The card with Denise’s picture couldn’t have been prettier and thank you so much for the lock of her beautiful hair. She had incredible hair. I would have preferred to have written this, but I have arthritis in my hands really bad and my handwriting is horrendous.

Ken, please accept my sincerest gratitude for all you’ve done. Maybe some day we can meet. Who knows I may stop in to see you if and when I visit my son.
StephanyThank you for your time and a wonderful experience. Your stories were eye-opening and changed my view about morticians. Thank you, once again.
RafaelI appreciate your time and presentation. It was a wonderful learning experience that will benefit myself and my future clients.
LeeThank you so much for taking the time to show us your business and sharing your experiences. You made it fun, even as you were showing us a very serious process. Best wishes to you!
VanessaI just want to say thank you very much for taking the time to show our class what mortuaries truly do. I’ve learned a lot and this was an experience that I will forever remember because it was one of the best of my classes.
EvelynThank you for taking the time to share the work that you do. I appreciate and admire you.
AbrahamThank you for taking time off of your regular work schedule to be able to prepare rich knowledge to our MSW class. It was very interesting and insightful information.
EdithThank you for your time and education.
StephanieThank you for sharing your time and knowledge with us.
NancyThank you very much for sharing your knowledge. Your presentation was personable and inspiring. I hope I will have an opportunity to use what I have learned from you to help others.
CanitaThank you for a wonderful tour. It changed my assumptions of a mortuary. I have talked to my family and friends about the process.
NayehThank you so much for allowing us to visit and thank you for all you do for the families you work with.
SamanthaThank you so much for the opportunity to see a behind-the-scenes look at your mortuary.
BrendaThank you for the opportunity to learn more about the industry. It has changed my perception and opened a new level of comfort.
BrandonYou have forever changed the way I view your profession. Thank you, again!
EmmaThank you so much for your time. I really appreciate your humor and the way you are able to help families through dark times. Thanks!
PaulaThank you for providing such a great educational experience. It was great to see your passion for your career.
ReginaThank you for the work you do and for taking the time to share it with us!
AmandaThank you for the phenomenal learning experience. It was truly life-changing.
AshleyThank you for letting us into your realm. It was an unforgettable experience!
JoyceThank you for such an amazing opportunity. You taught us so much about the industry.
CarolyneThank you for sharing your experiences and for everything you did for our community. I will never forget this experience.
AnabelleThank you for all your time. May favorite part was when you asked Steve, “How many fine books have your written?” The tour was really informative and entertaining. You are a great speaker!
OyunhThank you for such a valuable learning opportunity. You are a very special person for every boy in our community.
RodI wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the wonderful job your mortuary and staff did in handling my Mary Vilencia’s final arrangements, viewing service, and funeral. My mother was beloved by many people and the loss of her in our lives was very difficult, but working with your staff made everything so much easier on us. Each and every person who was involved in my mother’s arrangements from the pre-need counselor, to the mortuary staff, to the McKenzie funeral directors who handled the service for us at Forest Lawn, Long Beach showed us such care and respect that I could not let this pass without sending word to you of what an amazing group of people you have working for you.

Every detail of my mother’s final journey from when your staff picked her up at her home after her passing through how lovely she looked in repose, to her internment at Forest Lawn was seamless and perfectly handled by your employees and my family will be forever grateful for the services that you provided us in our time of great need. Thank you for being a fair and honest man in a industry where grieving people get taken advantage of so often. Your mortuary and staff are assets to our local community and my family appreciates you and your staff and how well you took care of us.
RenéYou allowed me some of your time last week to interview you for a report/research project here at Cypress College Mortuary Program, and I simply wanted to thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed talking with you.

Like you said, you’re bombarded with this same request every semester, so I totally understand how the formalities get tedious and your frank approach was very much enlightening and appreciated.

I’m grateful and hope to meet you again sometime in the future. Of all the things you mentioned, I take with me your advice about ideas. You said, “If you get an idea, go with it.” Again, thank you and take care.
FelipaI just wanted to thank you for our meeting yesterday. To me, you set a guideline for me to follow during the day (which by the way, was very exhausting) and it just let me know that you are doing what you do best and that is to have compassion, caring and understanding of people as individuals. My sister and I want very much for you to take care of our mother when the time comes.
The Family of Robert KimmeyThank you for your patience with our family for the many visits with you in planning and arranging the memorial service for our son, Robert. Everything came together beautifully; the flower arrangements, the honor guard, the music and video, the placing of Robert’s motorcycle and much more provided by you and your staff.
BrendaI want to extend my thanks to you for the kindness, compassion and understanding you showed to me and my family during the most difficult time in our lives. When it came down to making final arrangements for my mother, I was stressed as I didn’t know what to expect. My only knowledge of making funeral arrangements was when I was 13 and my mother made the arrangements for my dad.

Your approach to me and my family left a great impression as you were calm and understanding and very approachable. By telling us your story of how you came into the business after losing your father, we realized that we could trust our mother in your hands.

When you asked us what our mother would like, you listened without judgement and didn’t try to change anything my mother wanted. Your suggestion of bring an heirloom blanket was a great idea and one was made just for her.

Communication with you was easy. Whenever I had a question or concern you had no problem providing me with an answer even after the frantic emails, faxes and phone calls that were made to you concerning the family drama and my mother’s ashes.

Her viewing was wonderful; she looked like a sleeping princess, and even had a smile. She looked better then than on the day she passed. I truly believe that you have a great gift in mortuary services because it takes caring, compassion, empathy, an open heart and a sense of humor to do your job and you do it so well. It was a pleasure having you take care of our mother and I would certainly choose to do business with you in the future as I feel we truly found the perfect mortuary for our needs.
LauraI was offered a job at a local funeral home. As you were aware, I had been struggling to get back on my feet and I felt the need to tell you, thank you. Over the last couple of months you were the only individual unselfish enough to help me out. You could have easily told me, “good-bye,” or “good luck,” buy instead you helped me in every way that you could, and for that I am extremely grateful. I feel honored to have met you and the rest of your staff.
PatAgain, I would like to express my gratitude for your time yesterday. I understand that Tuesday is your normal day off. It was generous of you to give your time for the group home administrators. Although they seemed a little low-key yesterday, I know that they truly appreciated your guidance on this sensitive subject. Several told me later that they plan to be in touch with you soon.

I, for one, learned a lot on the two occasions I have heard you speak. It has empowered me more than ever to advocate for the service providers to make this a priority.

If there is ever any way I can be of assistance to you, please let me know.
DoloresWe are absolutely pleased that our friend chose McKenzie Mortuary for us in our time of need. My brother died in Long Beach, and had no one there to handle his affairs. Our friend was a great help to us. Thank God for caring people like her. We appreciated all that she did to help us in taking care of my brother’s arrangements with military honors.

Thank you, Ken McKenzie for all that you did to make arrangements for him and getting us the death certificates we needed. We are thankful that there is someone with your kindness and character her in this world. Our family is very grateful for all you did to assist us.
VickiOur family just spent the quickest five weeks of illness onset and end of life with my brother. He was the second sibling to pass away with pancreatic cancer in one year. When the hospital asked if we had a mortuary, I had price-shopped for one a year ago and found your prices good and had heard great stories from pleased families that had used your company. I told my sister in law, “McKenzie Mortuary Long Beach,” and she said, “I like that name.” I googled you and called. Your response time was almost immediate.

When I was home I thought, oh my goodness, I had better see how much this is going to cost. I had hoped I had not gotten into something that would be distressing. Your website is very explanatory. I filled out the pre-need information and put a note that we were due at 11 am that day.

Upon arriving I explained to Don that my brother-in-law was a total no frills guy. We merely wanted cremation and to pick him up and go to Joe Josts for a toast and to please not press for extras. I could not say nicer things about Don or McKenzie Mortuary.

I own a hair salon and have shared our pleasant story with many people since that day a couple weeks ago. I want to thank you and Don for making our experience as pleasant as it could be.
DaisyThank you for taking the time to speak with us. It was a great experience and you provided us with great information.
JessicaThank you for giving us the opportunity to get a real picture of what you do. It gave me a different view of death and the process of preparing to mourn. A million thanks!
NancyThank you so much for taking time out of your life to help us learn so much from you! I’ll never forget this visit. I learned so much and I feel so much peace about death now.
JenniferThank you for the awesome presentation and for sharing your personal thoughts and memories. I will always remember the day and look forward to your T.V. show.
NancyI really appreciate you taking the time to teach us about your field.
RobinYou have provided such an invaluable experience which I am truly grateful.
Miller Children’s HospitalThank you so much for your thoughtful and generous donation to the pediatric patients at Miller Children’s Hospital. Your donation has helped to brighten the day for our pediatric patients.
Caray and JeremyOn our boys’ birthday, we just want to say thank you again. Thank you for coming to the hospital, meeting our boys, and carrying them out with love in your grandmother’s basket. We will never forget your kindness that day, and the days that followed. We are so grateful for you. Today we honor and remember you as we honor and remember Rudyard, Desmond and Oscar.
Cynthia TennyThank you all for taking care of the memorial service for our father in such a thorough manner. The kindness of your staff were very much appreciated.
Patti GeorgeYou were all very nice. I was very comfortable in my time of grief. My husband would have approved. Thank you.
Tom BrewisI feel that McKenzie has the right amount of business mixed with compassion, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. I know you all understand it is hard enough to deal with losing a family member without the “hard sell” on top of that. I remember as a kid my father having to deal with the death of my grandparents. You treated us well. Thank you.