LIFE TRIBUTE – Lorraine Vickland

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Lorraine Vickland


Lorraine is loved by her family as a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She passed away at 99 years, and she’s in heaven with the family members who preceded her in death, including her husband and two sons. The family reunion must be wonderful.

She is the last one of her generation in our family. Mom died in the excellent care of hospice and caring staff at a residential nursing home in Long Beach, where she was a resident for one month. Dad and mom were practical Swedish-Americans, so she must have decided to “check-out” before another bill was due.

In the last few months, her son and daughter frequently expressed much love and support for their mom, who knew she was a great mother. Her son and his wife from Colorado helped celebrate Lorraine’s 99th birthday, and he returned to visit often before she passed away. Three family generations will attend her funeral, including her daughter from California and her son’s family from Colorado.